6 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Hi, Trent; I’ve been looking through your blog. Really enjoying it. [Viz the above, your post for 21 Dec 2011, to which I’m leaving a reply] 18 months on and I can report it [your blog] is simply fucking wonderful. Love the ‘About’ & the ’14 differences between writers and storytellers’ (which, if I may suggest, you should consider performing that at literary and storytelling festivals, i think it would work a treat). Gonna be a follower. Best wishes & thanks for such great work. (Just starting out on my own WP adventure.)

    • Geez Perry, that’s going back a while. Welcome to the blogsphere! I personally am lucky enough to have many wonderful friends here and people whose writing I much admire. Hope to get to know yours better over time. As for performing at a literary festival… well you would have to dunk me in a vat of scotch beforehand, and poke me with a cattle prod to get me up there, but after that I might do okay.

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