Remember when insomnia was cool; now it’s a condition


A valid reason would help

Like a glass of water because I’m hot

Like a glacier worth of ice when I’m not

I saw a dream

I saw it pruning a tree

When it was done

It looked at me

And said, “Don’t sleep, don’t even try.”

“You lose too much energy and time.”

You’re sweaty, you’re bothered, wake up

Make your coffee maker make wake up

Lord’s prayer keeps going through your mind

But you have a place where you can hide

It’s in a sentence or two

A disbelief, a return, redemption, revenge

Sun on skin, joy hate, cringe

A few words in a jumbled state

Sleep later, when it’s late


Dream hard, rage hard.

16 thoughts on “Remember when insomnia was cool; now it’s a condition

  1. I’m good for at least 2 a week lately. Sucks ass because I never feel like I catch up. But it does not good to fight it, just makes the frustration worse. I feel for ya.

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