Drink Box


Drink Box



Strong stuff

Sip again

Stronger still

Delicate; what’s that?

Rosy; who’s that?

A light comes on

Another goes dark


A sip

A positive step

Too tired to tumble

Too slippery to slur

I’m weightless now

Floating bloating

Spaceman vintage


A sip

The next one comes

The one after that comes back

Go home, oleander

Remember where?

Fondle your keys

Force the water down


A sip

A different kind

Lying in bed

Spinning in bed

The morning hates me

But the morning ends




Dream hard, rage hard.

16 thoughts on “Drink Box

  1. Drink boxes must have changed since my kids were small. Last I heard the biggest headache to come out of those were worms. Yours sound so much more ‘interesting’.

  2. haha how am I supposed to masturbate to this? There’s no sex appeal. Why would I want to fuck a juice box after reading this? I don’t. That’s the problem.

        1. I did read it. I sincerely believe that’s the most erotic post ever about a juice box, and that’s saying a lot. Hence I don’t see the problem. Quite confused.

              1. Must be. Could be a new hobby, likely more successful than all this descriptive language. I shall have to take a walk through the plentiful bushes on the languid side of town where the old men are polishing their brown shoes because it’s friday but fortunately, tomorrow’s Saturday and that’s black shoe day!

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