Santorini Singing

Santorini Singing

Dear morning espresso

I’d like to be polite to you

Would like to introduce you to my friends

Then take you on a date to the fair

And follow that with a snuggle by the fire

One day I think it would be great

If you could go to Santorini with me

Over the blue sea we’d read a newspaper

Then go for a dip in the pool

Perhaps we could get sick together

Perhaps we could get drunk

All these things I’d like to do with you

But right now I have only one thing to say

One thing that is on my mind

Dear morning espresso

I just really really wish

That you’d hurry up

And get in me

8 thoughts on “Santorini Singing

  1. Ahh God you poor poor bugger….I too suffer this illness….not a bad illness to have. I can go one better, my son is a barista and an excellent one at that!!! Just adds a little sweetness to the disease. I pull up outside his cafe with my tongue and eyes hanging out and he nods and begins his magic concoction!!!! bliss.

    • Well I’m happy you have someone attending to your needs in that way. I have to admit I’m in a Starbucks right now drinking an americano, a much-needed fix for a week with no sleep. Tongue and eyes hanging out… sounds about right!

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