Santorini Singing

Santorini Singing

Dear morning espresso

I’d like to be polite to you

Would like to introduce you to my friends

Then take you on a date to the fair

And follow that with a snuggle by the fire

One day I think it would be great

If you could go to Santorini with me

Over the blue sea we’d read a newspaper

Then go for a dip in the pool

Perhaps we could get sick together

Perhaps we could get drunk

All these things I’d like to do with you

But right now I have only one thing to say

One thing that is on my mind

Dear morning espresso

I just really really wish

That you’d hurry up

And get in me

Dream hard, rage hard.

8 thoughts on “Santorini Singing

  1. Ahh God you poor poor bugger….I too suffer this illness….not a bad illness to have. I can go one better, my son is a barista and an excellent one at that!!! Just adds a little sweetness to the disease. I pull up outside his cafe with my tongue and eyes hanging out and he nods and begins his magic concoction!!!! bliss.

    1. Well I’m happy you have someone attending to your needs in that way. I have to admit I’m in a Starbucks right now drinking an americano, a much-needed fix for a week with no sleep. Tongue and eyes hanging out… sounds about right!

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