I See You


I See You


You say you have a plan

One that will take us away

The means and the will are the easy part, you tell me

The money is harder

(But excuse me, what did you do

When you stopped your job

Other than sit at home and hope

That I would fix that for you?)


You say you have a concept

For a book that will sell a million copies

Well don’t we all darling

Tell me again when you got so special

(But honestly what does it mean

When you walk into town?

Do you see your movies in the gravel?

And the novels in the lamp posts?)


You say you have a friend

That will give us everything we need

Well where is he darling?

And why don’t you know his name?

(But hello, when your dad calls

You don’t go over to see him

When he needs to go to the clinic

You won’t be the one to take him)


You say you have a dream

One that spirals through a Sunday afternoon

It won’t take much, you tell me

To reach this one

(But hey, what about those books

The ones you fill with dreams

The ones sitting in the trailer

Underneath the coffee stains)


You say all these things

You say them again and again


As if you need reasons, lots of them

To repeat, re-live, believe


But the reasons are right there, darling

The reasons, darling, are right there


Dream hard, rage hard.

84 thoughts on “I See You

      1. Yes! However, I am working on the bestselling novel with the movie deal mentioned above as we speak, and leave e-mail up so I can run away from editing it. So–short answer is yes–but not much!

          1. Yes, I really, really am writing a novel. It is about a woman in a stagnant relationship/life, who undergoes a traumatic experience that, instead of destroying her, becomes the means of her liberation. Wow–I just summarized a big story into one sentence. But that is it in its most condensed form. In a short while, I will be needing feedback on my second editing round, and would enjoy your input, if you would like to chew on more meat of the story than what I just gave you–which really was a scrap.

            1. Let’s do it, I’m very interested in reading it. I do warn that I’m a fairly harsh critic sometimes. I just try to be honest. Would love to read when you’re ready.

  1. No doubt that lots have dreams they talk lots about without doing anything about. I like the use of parenthesis here, and the books under coffee stains and novels in lamp posts. Nice one Trent.

    1. Man, thank you but I’m not really into awards. Glad you got Ayaladn and Mirror Obscura though, and I see Brice in your community – that man is worthy of many awards. Thanks for thinking of me and the best with your writing… Trent

      1. Oh no don’t worry I knew some wouldn’t be up for it but I still wanted to put the ones I chose on so that people might wander onto your sites anyway!
        Thank you, and you!

  2. Really liked the flow of this one!

    And it makes me ashamed of my dreaming.

    It’s okay, I’ll just shut the door and turn of the light and maybe no one will ever know.

        1. Unfortunately, I don’t. Well, knock that, I do sing with my kids. I even dance with my kids, and I never dance any other time.

          If you’re offering to sing that poem, I would be incredibly flattered and immensely curious to see how that would turn out. I don’t really have a very good voice, I suspect you would do a much better job of it.

          1. Well hello Trent, what a pleasant surprise.
            I do the ‘singing with kids thing’, too, so don’t expect too much! If you know the tune, and can send a soundfile, then please do, as it would give me a little idea of how to begin. I’m investigating copyright and royalties and licensing at present. It’s intriguing how the music industry works. I would love to have a go at singing your poem.

            1. I don’t actually know the tune. This was written so long ago, not sure what was going through my head at the time. Are you good at making up tunes? I wish I was. I plunk away at the piano with my kids now and then, it’s an awful row.

              1. Haha… you remind me of me. Pity our poor town. They put a piano on the street and yes, I can’t help myself, I plunk away on it in public and people even laugh and join in! It’s the kid in me. It just leaps out unannounced. I have this harebrained notion that I might get good at making up tunes if I start making them up. So I will have a go, and see what comes out.

              2. I have a fair amount of faith in you, already, however young our acquaintance. You seem to have an artist’s soul, and just as important, a sense of fun.

              3. If faith is what it is called, you are looking into my soul and holding up a mirror while shining a torch into the depths! 🙂 I am enjoying our youthful acquaintanceship most heartily.

              4. It is a lot of fun, and I must say very unexpected, and at a good time. 🙂 I actually feel like I am riding on a wave, and at any moment I will lose the flow and crash spectacularly. Like, oops, what a jerk I really am…
                I like the way you tenderly expose global concerns in your writing. I like the way you speak of your love for your children. You are most definitely a writer… I’m sort of a mix of lots of things, and switch and change between them. (Bear in mind if I seem changeable and inconsistent. It’s just because I am!)

              5. Friends are so precious. You aren’t going to crash, I think your nature shines through too much, and it seems to be a good nature. I really can’t conceive of you as a jerk at all… there are jerks a-plenty hereabouts, you know.

                I think you’re an artist. Perhaps like that Art fellow from PMAO. An artist’s soul. Different talents. Best way to be.

              6. Trenton is a personal hero of mine, that guy is a real writer. Art tries harder than anyone I know, he blogs like all the time. So many interesting personalities…

              7. Yeah… Trenton is one writer and a half isn’t he. My goodness he has command of a magnificent voice!
                I wonder if you do too…. (cooorrrrrrr…)

  3. Hey… psst! Trent!
    I have a song recorded. Okay if I upload it to SoundCloud, and set it to Private so you can have a listen to it before deciding if you ever want anyone else to hear it? 😉
    It’s not quite Abba….. ha!

  4. Okay. I have three songs for you. One serious, one funny, and one funnier! With your permission, I would love to load them up on to SoundCloud, give you a preview while it’s private, and then with permission, I really want to plonk them on to my blog to share! If you like them, well, you can choose which one or ones you would like to share too!

        1. I just listened to the first one, second one just started. But had to say that first one was stunning. I’m amazed, hardly know what to say. Feel honoured and flattered, but more than that, I think it’s amazing what you did with this frilly little piece, it actually felt like something meaningful. Please post on your blog! I’m going to link to mine if you are okay with that.


          1. Brilliant. I am so pleased you like it! Yes, of course, link to yours! And it is meaningful. I might try again on it one day. The rhythm in my head, and the chorus that I imagined, didn’t come into existence when I applied my voice to it. I might need the assistance of a musical instrument.

        2. WilderSoul… pure fantastic. There is no other word necessary. You have a huge amount of soul in you.

          I loved them all but the first one tossed me off a cliff into a rainbow; I’m still sliding down the magenta chute. I would much appreciate your permission to post it on my blog.

          1. You absolutely have my full and express permission.
            Is it okay if I post all three on my blog, and make all three “public” on SoundCloud?
            I love that you loved them all.

          1. On the other hand, please let me know if you would like me to take version 2 and 3 off SoundCloud altogether. (I can keep them for personal use only, on my own computer!)

              1. Cool, thank you. I just posted the first version and will follow up with the others. Now to race to work… not even five o’clock yet and I have to drive an hour and a half to Toronto… such fun. I should have burned your clip to an mp3 and brought it with me in the car.

              2. I just got here… what a drive. Soooo cold walking to the coffee shop, where I’m stuck until the office opens. It’s amazing, don’t leave early and you spend that much longer on the road, but leave early enough and you get stuck in a coffee shop. Which I don’t mind. Nice strong coffee this morning.

              3. Coffee shops can be like a little home away from home.
                At least a warm place of pleasant aroma, from which to look out at the freezy snow.

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