O Canada!


All you Canadians out there, this is a rallying cry to assemble at once, Parliament Hill pronto!  Some of them Americans are putting us down, ignoring our obvious humour, charm and hygeine.  Yeah that’s right,  I spelled humour with a “u”.  Suck it.

This post was inspired by Rhonda (http://help-me-rhonda.com/), which should come as no surprise.  So to continue the frivolity and delve into the worst blog post of all time, I give you a butchered version of the Canadian national anthem, O Canada.


O Canada!

Our home above USA

True patriot love we pee into the wind.

With glowing farts made of nucleotides

The true north that didn’t invent Glee!

Both fat and wide,

O Canada, we chop down all our trees.

God keep our land, hilarious and freezing

O Canada, we stand erect for thee

O Canada, we stand erect for thee.


58 thoughts on “O Canada!

  1. O CANADA…you slay me. This is bloody brilliant and I will climb one more rung of the “Ok Canucks are funny” ladder. but ONLY is the last line is the fucking truth!!!

  2. Sure you chicken (poulet to you)…you don’t allow for enough comment space for me to respond to you sacking Washington!! Here’s what I have to say about that….YOU AND WHO’S ARMY?

  3. response from the USA…lmao

    O Canada…from down under I see,
    Overflowing with gay men ordered to love by a Queen,
    Strong wide Mounters, who are ‘free to be me’
    With rising pants, we can clearly see thee,
    With absolutely fabulous guards, go forth
    I hate to burst your bubble, but Alaska’s true north,
    Ohh Canada … You Point The Way North!
    Ohh Canada … You Point The Way North!

  4. Meh. You’re just flavor of the month down here at the moment, like Australia was in the ’80’s. Well move on to Brazil or Iceland or Tajikistan sooner or later and you’ll miss all the attention – and you’ll be all like, “hey, remember me, your fun-time buddy from up north??”

    • I dunno. We have a plan to marry your woman and breed our Canadian blood into you guys one state at a time, until you are all hosers like us. One day, you will wake up wearing toques for no reason, and have insatiable cravings for french fries dressed in cheese curds and gravy, and then we will see who is the flavour of the day. Tajikistan? Come on, we are way cooler than Tajikistanis.

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