Year: 2012

Remember when insomnia was cool; now it’s a condition

  A valid reason would help Like a glass of water because I’m hot Like a glacier worth of ice when I’m not I saw a dream I saw it pruning a tree When it was done It looked at me And said, “Don’t sleep, don’t even try.” “You lose too much energy and time.” […]

Burst – The Crack in the Clouds

A brightness, in the shape of a triangle.  Sides too perfect, light too bright.  It shouldn’t be like that.  Outside, it’s raining already, dark.  But through that crack, the light comes through.  Celine comes out and stares, “What are you looking at?”  “Weather,” I tell her.  What a word, it tries to say so much. […]

The average writer

Someone should invent a name for the analysis and interpretation of statistics as related to writing.  If a writer compiles a 100,000 word novel, that is the same thing as writing 3.5 words a day, every single day, for 80 years.  Stephen King has pretty much 100 books to his credit, so for his lifespan, […]

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