Year: 2013

Larga and Marinne: An Epic Not-Poem

The fifth of December in Lululand Saw the beautiful Marinne sitting in despair Upon the steps of Rumspiel Castle As she drank a Slurpee made Of raspberry tea.   “Oh woe,” she said to no one in particular, Eyeing the gardens of viorose and dandunia. “What is wrong?” asked Groundskeeper Joe, Sitting upon the steps […]

The Neglected Lemon Squares of Bella Sand Public School: A Burst

“Susurrus.  A soft murmuring sound.” “He’s not going to get that one,” whispers Alan.  “Just watch.  He’s going to go with one too many s’s.” “Susurrus,” repeats Ms. Shannon. Francois Pat steps to the microphone and adjusts his cardigan.  “Susurrus.”  And he begins to spell. “Damn,” says Alan during the break, over coffee in the […]

Silhouetta: How to Say You’re Sorry

  Silhouetta: How to Say You’re Sorry The baby stopped crying after Craig finished the front page.  There was an advertisement for ladies’ underwear.  When Eddy came into the room, Craig flipped to the next page and followed the words of an editorial with his finger. “I’m going to get dressed,” said Eddy.  “Why?  We’ve […]

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