Month: January 2013

Where Grass Grows

It’s two in the morning when you wake me up, but that’s okay because there’s fog outside instead of snow.  But even if it was cold, I’d sit with you.  I’d stay up and lean my head against the upper bunk, but I won’t fall asleep.  I won’t forget this.  I won’t forget. Tomorrow, you’ll […]

Buuurst – In Time, Morrity Hangs D’Averc and Smokes the Ambrosia

  In Time, Morrity Hangs D’Averc and Smokes the Ambrosia* * sequel to:   Morrity sat in the back of a wagon. “Jangle,” he said, “some coconut slush.” The slave brought it to him.  “Is it much longer?” “Mountains are to the right.” The wagon bounced.  The heat made the wood smell, like an […]

A Foolish Wish of Improbable Proportions: How I Stopped Worrying About Space Debris

constables squeeze crude irradiated by bessie’s beard on paul’s right side giant worms steal silver forks while bats attack religious manics and tom restores order on a space station headed for the spoon   <restart process and program.  enter a glowing door made of breasts.  because ellis is chaste.  and chaste is great>   liadia […]

Burst – A Dart in the Foot

A Dart in the Foot* (*created via late night drunken ramblings with Susan Daniels, Mrs. Gomes practises darts in the basement.  Next to the fuse box hangs a wooden cabinet.  She has to stand on a chair to get the cabinet doors open, and again when she wants to retrieve the darts.  The chair’s legs […]

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