From my friend Shards, for whom even raindrops may be in peril.

Dream hard, rage hard.

22 thoughts on “Trentish

    1. I felt genuinely touched, honestly, it’s funny to think that someone is thinking about you in some earnest way. The points were so dead on. As for the blogging me, yeah. The real me is locked in a cabinet, trying to get work done. Sigh.

      1. it wasn’t “earnest”, lol, it was more, you made me smile at a tragic time, and I so desperately needed that, and to spend time thinking about someone else, was just what I needed for a few hours. so I would say, more like, unknowingly rescued me. you accidently dropped your coat in a puddle and I stepped on it too…a true knight! lol thanks my friend!

  1. She finally made it into a real post. A word we has been throwing between ourselves.
    So, when it comes in this form, you are not allergic to it, eh?
    I see.
    Hello Trent. I haven’t missed you.

      1. Oh dear! Pardon that “…we has…” In my prev comment.

        As for your threat, let me ask: if you had four layers to you, which layer does your cynicism/naughtiness stop at -layer one being the outermost/most superficial, and four your very core?

      2. And the Trentster shows! Howdy good man!
        I don’t let my very tender side show often or easily, and the Shards has been a witness of one of these xxxtremely rare moments (her post -Bane of my existence -a proof). So believe me I regard her highly and is neither for 50 cents nor for $50 billion that she is my only soul-sister today on

        1. Understood, Doc. I will get you some Morritty madness tonight, but as offered before, if you have any requests for elements of inclusion, let me know. The madder the better – hence, I ask.

      3. Trent, you crept into the new year with your allergies-in-blooming. You didn’t respond to my saying I had missed you -at least that was obviously how I meant my first comment on this post.

        I appreciate the fact that what we write consciously or subconsciously have inputs from people and experiences and knowledge -past or present -but I’d rather enjoy Morritty as being from you (plus your own associations of knowledge/intelligence) without any input from me). Why change a winning team that stil appears to have more game! So, I’ll take a raincheck. Thanks for offering.
        Something interesting however happened: I was about looking up a word in Microsoft Encarta 2009 at about the time I received your comment, and I found myself hypnotically typing in Morritty. Of course, no such word existed. But here are close matches -Merritt, sorority, merit, morbidity, morris. Now I know you deliver under pressure. Let’s step up the game a bit and see how you do when I ask you to include all those words in the writing.

  2. Oh PAALease, for an enchanted one, I can’t believe you missed that. I am nauty THROUGH AND THROUGH! There are NO layers of nautiness, I am a completely organic unabridged condensed version of orneryness! and I still blame it on my 6 older this day! lol as far as cynicism goes, well it’s there but usually burried under optimism and my slightly sarcastic manner… bwhahahahaha

    what do ya think Trent….time to blast the enchanted one into a new reality????? 😉

    1. Shards, I am not such a good judge of character. Pardon. Now that I know you are a thoroughbred, I will try to step up to your level. Also, that means I can now say, in response to your threat about me being next for a topic, that I am afraid I have to decline such. My reaction to compliments is not in the allergic category of the Trentster. It is different. And even though the Trent went all mushy-all-gooey on us on this one, I am afraid I am almost incapable of such. Thanks for the offer. Let’s just celebrate the Trentster who is in the showglass currently.
      Yes, you did blast me into a new reality concerning the person of the Shards, but even your intended fellow prankster wasn’t any better. He also believed I should be nice to you.

      1. What on earth is happening here. I do often feel like I’m stuck in some kind of glass place, but it’s quite sharp and the slivers get into the worst places.

      2. Doc, I’m all done on the Morrity bit, and if it’s any consolation to you, groan sigh hullabaluh with great modesty must decline future compliments blah blah.

        So can someone recap for me whose side I’m on here? Doc or Shards? It seems like I should be doing some work here, but am mostly just confused.

    2. He could do with an explosion or two. But beware Shards – this is a man that knows something about the crazy monkey and its peculiar habits. He may even own one of said beasts. Or the other way around. I’m not sure which.

    1. Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trent, you have got me dying of laughter. I don’t even know how to begin to respond to your comment regarding me and the monkey. Dear Shards, please pay no heed to the trent’s seemingly mischievous intents. Please pay heed to his words. I have to sincerely say that I could get very excited by monkey-games and the even the prospect of forming a collaboration with Trent to attack me already intrigues me. I have been known to whip monkeyshit at humans on occasion. So, I won’t want me to get excited. Let’s just continue to relate at cool-headed levels we are now.
      Trent, please get used to my compliments soon. It may not have stopped coming.
      And, yes! You are still in a showglass. It’s a happy turn of events for me, because it’s usually the monkey who gets to be put on display and people pay to view.
      Trent, give me Morritty last millenium! But please, take your time. I don’t want it to be less-than-perfect on my account. I won’t tell you it’s not perfect, but I won’t just comment. Then you’d know the monkey did not enjoy Morritty’s new jungle. Hehehe.

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