Adam’s Dreams of Due-Dates (Part III)


Part III: Senses Working Part-Time

Two weeks later, Terry the janitor found the orange behind the benches in the gym.  He picked it up and thought about eating it, but it had a certain smell…  He tossed it into a garbage can instead.

“What is this place?” muttered Orange.  “It’s rough in here.”

“That’s because you’re sitting on my head.”

Orange jumped.  “Who’s that?”

“It’s ‘A Holistic View of Howard Philip Lovecraft, a paper by Jamie Jones’.  But you can call me Paper.  Apologies for the roughness, I was discarded after the English exam.  Didn’t make the cut.”

“I’m sorry.  I was tossed during the exam too.  Who is Lovecraft?”

“That’s a good question.  Mr. Jones didn’t finish the essay, though, so I’m not fully sure.  But I do know that he wrote some stories about a demi-god that lurks in the oceans off Antarctica, waiting for someone to free him by reading an incantation from a forbidden book.  Funny thing is, Lovecraft’s heroes almost always seem to want to unleash that kind of apocalypse.  It’s never unintentional.”

“That’s terrible.  Excuse me, Paper, but do you know why we are moving?”

“Yes, it’s the janitor Terry taking away the garbage can.”

“What’s garbage?”


“Oh.  So what happens now?”

But the question was answered by the swing of a latch door.  Sunlight flooded into the garbage can, and for a moment, Orange saw the sky and a full third of the sun before the world went upside down.  Orange landed in a pile.  “Paper?  Are you there?”

“Yes.  We’re in a dumpster, in case you’re wondering.  We’ll be here for a few days.”

“I see, okay.”  Orange looked at the shreds and parts and pieces of the other things that kept the company of the dumpster.  “What do we do?”

“Don’t know.”

“Can we get out?”

“Doubt it.”

“What’s going to happen to us?”

“Well, disposal is an option.  Do you know what that is?  Mr. Lovecraft described mountains of madness and an alien race fighting under the rock.  He also seemed to like degenerate families in New England that inbred over time and became tunnel-dwelling creatures that ate people.  In a couple of stories, the people got away.  But mostly they were discarded.  Disposed of.  Same thing with us, I imagine.  I’m sorry I can’t shed more details, but my education is about as good as Mr. Jones’ aborted essay…”

Orange looked up at the lid that closed over the dumpster.  It slammed hard.  In the darkness, he could not see his friend.  “Paper,” he called.  “Are you there?  I’m glad we’re here together.  Listen, can you tell me some more please, about Mr. Lovecraft?  Maybe about how people got away from the aliens and the inbred people.  I’d like that.  Paper?  Hello?  Paper?”

Dream hard, rage hard.

16 thoughts on “Adam’s Dreams of Due-Dates (Part III)

  1. Trent, I always approach whatever you put out there with pleasant anticipation because I simply don’t know what starburst awaits. “I have tried to stay with this, but wonder that you spend this kind of energy here asopposed to things that would truly shine and could mark you as a writer of, what I consider excellent talent, skills, and ardor.>KB

    1. You aren’t required to stay with it, KB. It’s the voice I hear at the moment, and these are the words that arrive. I have a vision for the story, and I figure I should do that justice. Appreciate your words… Trent

  2. bologna, you’re so clever you’re sagacious! ha! lol with a splash of creepy! that should be a drink! the official Trentster Twist! love that you can become an orange and not retain any of the rind! 🙂

  3. you must know my relatives up here in the southern border of the frozen north lewin…i think some of them are of whom monsieur lovecraft speaks…(the, gulp, tunnel dwellers). not me tho…descendant or not, i’m a veggiesaur. honest. wouldn’t lie. gonna meet me in montreal or what? 😉

    1. Oy! I saw that comment, I would love to meet in Montreal, tell me again when you’re coming. Only issue is that it’s about a 7 hour drive from here to there… but I do get to Montreal now and then, tell me again the dates! That would be cool.

      1. He flies in April 2nd…planning on staying over so April 3rd. Will be back again the day he flies out…April 17th…may go up the 16th. But really…is only 90 minutes for me…anytime between April 3 and April 17 would be no trouble. What a hoot huh?

      1. no promises…but will restrain myself in while in your country, should that meeting come to pass. if you end up down here tho? what do you like on your burgers? 😉

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