Month: October 2013

The Neglected Lemon Squares of Bella Sand Public School: A Burst

“Susurrus.  A soft murmuring sound.” “He’s not going to get that one,” whispers Alan.  “Just watch.  He’s going to go with one too many s’s.” “Susurrus,” repeats Ms. Shannon. Francois Pat steps to the microphone and adjusts his cardigan.  “Susurrus.”  And he begins to spell. “Damn,” says Alan during the break, over coffee in the […]

La Vacation de Jerry: Ending

…eyes and tired skin hanging from his arms.  Even as he napped, his breathing was strained. May found ten bags of groceries on the counter.  Oysters.  Cheese.  Salmon.  Fruit Loops.  Chocolate bars.  Dip.  Sour cream.  Whipping cream.  There were other things too, but none of them came together to make even one meal that she […]

La Vacation de Jerry: Pt. IV

…went to work and divulged her darkest intentions to a piece of harmless paper.  After she’d finished besmirching it, she took it to the shredder and fed it in extra slowly. The week went by.  Jerry left his longseat to do a few things: use the bathroom, replace the batteries in the remote, eat something, […]

La Vacation de Jerry: An Illustrated Sex Bomb (Pt. III)

…Well, what I mean is that he thinks it’s wise to…”  May looked his way, and caught a lump in his skull that looked to be hooking for a smoke.  She blinked, and it vanished.  “Hell, I don’t remember.  Think I’ll sleep in the chair tonight.” May didn’t mind sleeping alone, and had good dreams.  […]

La Vacation de Jerry: A Short Sex Bomb (Pt. II)

…to him that just a few loose-fitting clothes would be more comfy than nothing at all. He bounced the family room and sank into the longseat.  “Lovely.”  One hand searched out the remote.  Up channel, down channel. “Sufferin sucatash!” “Excuse me, Sir, one more thing…” “But you were still a virgin!” “It’s Cord.  He’s in […]

La Vacation de Jerry: A Short Story about SEX and BOMBS

(All right folks, this will be stream of consciousness writing with no definable endpoint.  No idea where this is going.  First installment went to 990 words before I ran out of time.  Next installment will be 990 words too.  So will the others, however many there may be of them, until I am done with […]

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