The WilderSoul Rendition of I See You


Ha!  No, not a sea of words this morning, hiding under a vague, somewhat-unrelated and overly-long title.  How about music instead?  This is my friend WilderSoul’s rendition of an old poem that I wrote, back when I engaged in such frills as poetry.  I am deeply humbled that someone would want to sing one of my poems, and in such a perfect way no less.  My hats off.  Please have a listen.

For my money, the person I read who most writes poetry that sounds like music in my ears is Pete Armetta.  I’m sure he’s a poet, but I know he’s a songwriter.   Now if he and WilderSoul ever got together to sing songs, I’m pretty sure my head would explode.  Most of you know Pete, but for those that don’t, here’s his poems:

38 thoughts on “The WilderSoul Rendition of I See You

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  2. Awesome NB. Have been to her site, she’s very creative (and she must be constantly on the go!) This was such a great surprise…I’m thinking Daniels needs to pop over…

  3. I had never even heard of Soundcloud. Seems like a good idea, except that they wanted me to sign up in order to listen. Couldn’t find it on YouTube.

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