Year: 2014

The Day “Stairway to Heaven” Died

Writers, wrongly or rightly, wish they were able to compose songs. The highest goal of a writer is to make someone feel at all what they might during the meanest moment of the worst song. Capturing music in written form is difficult. But it is possible, as long as you don’t forget that to get […]

Fragments Made of Fiction: Experiments in the Thursday Set

Open Strong              How I came to know that Drew Ramos regularly went to other worlds was nothing more than a bookmark nestled in a Harry Potter book (the sixth one, I think) that came spinning out when I happened to knock it off an end table. Drew was the type who would re-read Harry […]

How the Star Wars Teaser Saved My Shoes

On Friday November 28th, the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was released ( In the long tradition of celebrating Kardashian posterior, I’m pretty sure it blew up the internet. I found myself walking through downtown Toronto on the day-of, skirting skyscrapers and bagel shops, street meat vendors and cyclists. I […]

The Mighty Lies

          Nights. And Christmas lights. Tempers heave, the stress mounts, and then there’s snow. And mistletoe. In the morning, clouds. Celibate breakfasts and backwards driving on the lawn. Castles coated in ice flakes, meandering on the pond where once someone vanished and never did they find them. But there are still, […]

11 Fool-Proof Rules for Writing Fiction

  If you haven’t noticed, I’m a writer. I only bring that up because it took a while to give myself the label. It’s funny what you can call a hobby. What is a hobby anyway, and when does a specific activity stop being one? ‘Hobby’ sounds like a disease, some kind of growth. Well, […]

The Brooklyn Legacy: Sparse Writing Now Found in Sugary Confections

“The only real love… is self-love.” I have three hundred fortune cookie fortunes at home in a scrapbook. I don’t know why I collect them. They mean nothing. They’re apparently written with no purpose than to get a laugh. To this day, the fortunes haven’t uttered a single prediction that’s come true, nor have they […]

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