The Delicate Art of Self-Seduction: Born in the Bowels of the Most Commented WordPress Blog Post Ever

As some of you may have heard, Art from Pouring My Art Out is out to break the record for comments on a single blog post:  He will respond to any and every comment you make there, sans fail.  He will have the last word on everything, I promise.

I’ve been over there a few times, and I’m pretty sure my brain has been damaged by the insanity.  As proof of that, I was alone in the comment thread for a while, and not knowing what else to do (and based on Art’s instructions, by the way), I ended up flirting… with myself.  Below are the excerpts.  They’re pretty juicy.  Just try to look away… you perverts.

Years from now when we look at what Art has created, we’ll point to this as the birthplace of self-seduction!  By the way, he’s approaching 9,000 comments now, and targeting 12,083 (also known as child’s play).


So. Single?


Busy tonight?


Do you like sushi?




I drive a Lamborghini.

Great. So does the Biebs.

I look like the Biebs.

This conversation is over.


All right. How about I grab a vacuum cleaner and we head over to the circus.

Why would I want to do that?

Because I said “vacuum cleaner”. Do I have to repeat myself?

I don’t like circuses.

You are such a tease.


I have seven percent body fat.

All between your ears, I suppose.

Not all of it.

That makes no sense. Are you trying to be suggestive?

Yes. You are really hot.

Who do you think you’re talking to, exactly?


I got you a nightcap.

I’m not easy, you know.

I also got you a new scarf.


Living the dream, baby.

Don’t call me that.


Yup. That.


Don’t act like you don’t think I’m seductive. Look at my hair.

It’s the rest of you that concerns me.

Touch my ears. Go on.

They’re kind of hairy.

Go ahead and pull. Please be gentle.



You are putty in my hands. You are starch in my breeches.

Does that line ever work?

You are the mint jelly on my pork chop. The intestine in my haggis.

I may be swooning.

It’s about time…


Well hello Trent.

Now what? Why do you have flowers?

They’re called ‘roses’.

You don’t know what those are, do you?

I said ‘roses’.

This isn’t working at all, you know.

I also have a Mars bar.



You can have the first bite.

Give me the whole thing and I might snuggle with you.

Promise? Hey, you ate my Mars! And the wrapper too!

Are you ready to snuggle?

But my chocolate bar! I was saving that!

Just lean in now, and watch where you put your hands.

Oh my…


Okay, have a nice day.

But that was a really short snuggle! Can I call you?

555-5555. 55. 5.

Wait, slower, let me write that down!

You’re a wanker.

I don’t know what that means! Does it mean you like me?

Find another chocolate bar and I’ll say yes.

Can I borrow some money?



Hey there’s some guy in sunglasses watching us.

He’s the owner of Comment Thread.

I’m pretty sure he’s taking pictures…


That’s creepy, yo!

Come here, you big lug.

What… me?

Yeah you.

Whoa… hey, easy, I’m not like that!

I think you are. Pucker up!

Holy beaver dung! You don’t waste any time!

Let’s give him a show.


Um yum yum yes… yes… yes…

I thought you had something else in mind…

Soooo good….yummmy…

I was hoping for something a little more romantic… sigh.

Yummy, yummy chocolate bar…

Is that a euphemism?

Yes. For chocolate bar. Now get me another one.

If you weren’t so damn hot…

113 thoughts on “The Delicate Art of Self-Seduction: Born in the Bowels of the Most Commented WordPress Blog Post Ever

  1. I liked this.

    No you didn’t, you said it was weird.

    No, I said it was weird, and then I said I liked it. You weren’t listening.

    I’m sorry, I was daydreaming.

    About what? Skittles? Ryan Gosling?

    Sigh. You know me so well.

          • Re: my sucky blog functionality and infrequent posts. Here’s the thing. Because I’m in the middle of a thing.

            Currently, my blog is in the middle of being migrated from a sucky self-hosted site over to a proper NOT sucky site. Until the platform migration is complete, I can’t post anything new.

            I had to hire someone to do the migration because I don’t know JACK ALL about coding or hosting or any of that shit. She’s been working on it for almost two weeks but my blog migration is, apparently, not her highest priority (although I’m paying pretty good $$$ to have it done). It’s taking much longer than I thought it would (or, than it should) but when it’s complete, not only will I be able to post again, I’ll have proper Follow, Reblog and Like functionality, which I don’t have right now. It’s been frustrating as all hell but all I can do at this point is wait my turn.

  2. I haven’t been over to Art’s at all today and I think I’m going through withdrawal. I’m so confused about what to do, I’ve just been walking in circles and talking to my slippers.

    Your flirting was epic by the way!

  3. you are the intestine in my haggis… probably the most romantic line I’ve ever heard! damn you cracked me up! I have to know…did you fall for it? lol I’m guessin even if you have a lambergini, you might wanna purchase some MilkyWay stock!!! and be careful with that vacuum… or you’ll end up with a serious hershey squirtin mess! oh ick, I grossed out myself on that one!!! haha

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