Month: February 2014

Inevitable/It Is

            I get up at six to make the bus to get to Cynthia’s place.  She got out of bed at eight, just in time to open the door for me.  It’s not easy for her, four hundred fifty pounds altogether; she tells me that her heart races like mad […]

Whoa, Cool!

Hey all, hate to toot my own horn, but I had to share this with you: Just announced yesterday.  While trying hard to stay modest and uber-cool about it, I have to admit that I was pretty amazed.  For those who don’t know, CBC is Canada’s national broadcasting service, kind of like BBC or […]

Rappa TL in the House Yo

Warning: do not read this if you are looking for quality.  Or coherence.  Or even half-decent grammar. Art from PMAO left me in charge of his record-breaking comment thread yesterday (  This is generally not a good idea.  I had some fun with Jennifer Windram ( and Lindsay Cummings ( and Masta Z (that’s Zoe: […]

An Unusually Short Post That Has an Unfortunately Really Long Title

I’m talking.  This way.  See your skin.  In the rain.  Where you go.  To get grins.  And to stupefy smoke rings.  From a mouth.  That never.  Ever.  Touches the things. Sitting in.  A Doughnut shop.  Cold coffee in the grout.  Pebbles on the window sill.  I take.  My pen.  Force you.  To tug of war.  […]

How to Gay-Bash in Russia: Sergei’s Text Updates

Niki, I’m called to the Olympics in Sochi.  I am going to be a guard on the luge.  They expect protestors because of the new laws about the gays. <Sergei, be careful.  The gays can be ruthless.> Niki, I am at Rzhanaya Plyana, Sliding Center Sanki.  The gays are in the hotel.  They are very […]

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