Rappa TL in the House Yo

Warning: do not read this if you are looking for quality.  Or coherence.  Or even half-decent grammar.

Art from PMAO left me in charge of his record-breaking comment thread yesterday (http://wp.me/p25PYJ-21u).  This is generally not a good idea.  I had some fun with Jennifer Windram (http://jenniferwindram.com/) and Lindsay Cummings (http://lindsaycummingswrites.com/) and Masta Z (that’s Zoe: http://behindthemaskofabuse.com/).

What followed was the worst rap in the history of the world, helped along by a lot of wine and some serious scotch.  I apologize to anyone who actually reads this.


It started off innocent enough…

Got a wine glass empty on the floor
Too lazy to fill it up some more
I’m a mean rapper ryhming machine
Gonna check to see if my socks are clean

Socks are clean
Socks are clean
That’s what I mean
When my socks aren’t clean

Filling up the wine from the bottle oh yeah
Give it up little bottle that’s right you gotta share
Thinking I’m gonna do some drive-by comments real soon
Things getting real when you living in this hood

Socks are wet
Socks are wet
That’s what I mean
When my socks aren’t clean

Art’s not hanging out right now in his pad
What’s going on with that crazy overlord lad
Gonna get him some real gold chains and a mic
Then we’ll hold hands as we go for a hike

Socks aren’t there
Socks aren’t there
Neither is, neither is
Neither is my under-wear
Socks in the bush
Socks in the bush
Gonna get new socks
And stuff for my tush


Then comment record thread got kinda real…

Oh my my, Lewin coming through
Counting my chains
As I head to the loo

Oh my my, Lewin getting down
Soupin my ride
As I rap like a cow

Moo moo moo, moo moo moo
Cow’s in the pasture
And the shit’s on the move

Moo moo moo, steak on the grill
Make it medium rare
Cause we super chill


And inevitably I got kinda hungry…

Found a crack squirrel farting in my bed
Said “yo yo” and kicked me in the head
Got my homies to rustle me a trap
Then I sat down and made this rap

Crack squirrel going on the bb—q
Crack squirrel getting cooked real soon
Crack squirrel don’t mess with me please
Gonna eat you with some lima beans

I said lima beans, lima beans
Make crack squirrel taste real clean
I said lima bean, lima beans
Crack squirrel done went crazy gee


Then Jennifer told me about some hardware…

Jennifer says “I gotta get a gat”
I asked her hey, what’s with that?
She said it’s a gun, a little bit bad
Getting kinda real in the comment thread

Now X is saying hey, legal law suit
Yo yo ‘merican, what’s with the poop?
There’s poop all over, all over the place
Gonna get the gat and a can of mace

But yo yo, see, I’m a peaceful kind of Lewin
A speckled cow who does some gentle moo’n
There ain’t no call for lawyers and gats
Gonna shove em both down the toilet hatch

Toilet hatch, toilet hatch
Mean Lewin moo’n in the poopy patch
Toilet hatch, toilet htach
Wizzed on a lawyer and that was that


And Art asked me how we procreate up here, in Canada…

Bunnies screwing in the snow
What’s that noise holy crow
It’s Canadians making little babes
As they’re shovelling snow with spades
It’s awkward yes and a bit uncouth
So we mix vodka with a shot of vermouth
I say hold, up, Canadian’s breeding coming through
We’ll do it anywhere, even in the basement loo
We’ll even procreate in this comment thread so wacked
And scream at the top of our lungs : yo, schmack!


Art came back from dinner, and things did not improve…

Homie came flying back from dinner
You better treat the missus like a winna
Fix her a drink, now don’t be shy
Massage her calves as you’re walking by
Gently at first, you better treat her like gold
Our wives put up with us you know holmes!

Yo yo lay down some mean rap baby
And don’t say no, just say maybe
Give us some Cali mean rapping beats
Try to incorproate some drunken sheep
Baaa-baaa-baaa is all you gotta say
When sheep our chomping on the hay
But do sheep really eat hay I gotta ask?
Holy crap I just emptied another flask!
I’m gassed but don’t tell anyone G
Gotta fill a wine bottle with my pee.


So many bodily functions.  I think I peed in Art’s closet…

Hey hold up, yo yo, G
Gotta go for another pee
Drank all this wine from my glass
Now Art’s back to cap my ass
When I say “cap my ass” you know
It’s a metaphor for bromance yo
Art’s my homie checkin out the hood
Brought me doggy treats so good


And finally, out of rhymes, Art challenged me to do some opera…

ooooooo……uuuuuuu…… yaaaaaa……..shoooohooowooooo, yum. yum yum yum…..ooooooooo shoochooo ah la la la….looo looo….chuuuuuu (interlude) lllllllaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! fffaaaaaaaaaaaalllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasooooooooooooooooooolllalllallalllalllallallallalallalalallssosoosososososososososo

Once again, my sincerest apologies.  Shit got real yo!

130 thoughts on “Rappa TL in the House Yo

  1. There was scotch? No one told me there was scotch. It is really out of character for me to miss scotch. Of course wine ruins scotch but someone should have let me know there was scotch. Have I mentioned that I like scotch?

  2. I feel that here it is only appropriate for me to be feel inclined to respond by replying:


    Have a good day, Trent.

    (Hey so there’s thing food place called YOSUSHI. You could be YOTRENT)

    *cough cough*

    😀 (insert cheesy grin here)

      • PS. This was fucking hilarious, BTW. Laughs have been few and far between the past couple of weekends. Laugh at this, I did, when I first read it. I was in the grocery store and thought of this. Started laughing again. People probably thought i was crazy, but who cares? It was funny. Please don’t be sorry. Ha!

        • Glad you had a laugh, in the grocery store of all places. I laughed hard when I was writing it. I have no real fear of words in any combination and for whatever end, so crazy is just that – but it’s great to see that people are so cool about it.


    that’s a (w)rap

  4. LOL. Either you were three sheets to the wind (read “drunk as a skunk” when you wrote this or you’re real good at pretending. Either way, this gave me quite the chuckle. Not bad for a rap. It even rhymes and scans in places.

  5. I think you already got half of your rap album here, MC Trent. Just 20,000 more comments and you’ll be ready to head to the studio.
    Speaking of rap… as I’m doing research for my next post (incidentally, also rap-related), I have discovered that there was a rap group called L.O.X.. Apparently, my name is already a rap name.

  6. Doesn’t get better than ‘crack squirrel farting in my bed’.
    I smell a children’s book series brewin’.
    Crack squirrel needs a fix
    Crack squirrel blows a raccoon for a dime bag
    Crack squirrel goes to rehab

    Can we seriously consider Crack Squirrel tee-shirts?

  7. I hope you didn’t forget about me, especially with my abandonment of the internet! I’m back and going to be posting again. but made the old stuff all private bc i can’t ever bare to delete journal/blog/whatever entries

  8. You’re brilliance shines much more brightly now that I’m reading them sober. And I can see the common thread … the use of animals to express your deepest emotions. Well done.

    My favorite line: “Moo moo moo, moo moo moo” How does one come up with words that touch the soul like this?



    I’ve not seen this till now! Rap on, yo!! Shit DID get real – and I dug the operatic ending!

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