Month: March 2014

Delilah’s Light

A story on Tipsy Lit, it’s been out there before but pretty much retooled. This is called Delilah’s Light, and it’s about…. well, Delilah’s Light. I love this character.  Please and kindly comment on the Tipsy Lit site, if you wish.

Interview with T. Lewin If I ever say “you know” again, I’m going to pull my hair out.  This is an interview with Gary Doyle (he was super nice) on 570 AM local news, my part starts at about 9:30 of the file.  My sincerest apologies for flogging myself this way, just pretty excited about all the attention […]

CBC Short Story Prize

Hi all.  Made the short-list for CBC’s short story prize – grand prize winner to be announced later in March.  You can read the story, see a photo!, and read a short interview here: I think there’s a voting mechanism, so if you like the story and are of a mind… I’d highly appreciate […]

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