Interview with T. Lewin

If I ever say “you know” again, I’m going to pull my hair out.  This is an interview with Gary Doyle (he was super nice) on 570 AM local news, my part starts at about 9:30 of the file.  My sincerest apologies for flogging myself this way, just pretty excited about all the attention the short story contest is generating.  I figure I already got a photo of myself out there, so why not my voice too?

But if you ever want to read a true Trent Lewin interview, try this:  Ah, that’s the delicious syrup-covered ticket of insanity I truly love.

Dream hard, rage hard.

116 thoughts on “Interview with T. Lewin

  1. Trent, You did really well in that interview. You sounded like a pro. Honestly, I didn’t notice the “you knows” as much as you did. I’ve interviewed a lot of people and I have had a lot worse interviews than this one even with seasoned people who do it all the time.

    1. Thanks Michele, I didn’t know how it was going to go or what would be asked. But Gary was really good. Makes me feel better to hear from you that I didn’t entirely suck.

  2. That was excellent, Trent! I didn’t hear any “I knows,” not really. You sounded very confident, like you’d done this before. I heard some “Hmm mmm” (I’m not sure how I would write this one.) You sounded like you’re a thinker, which of course you are. Engineer! I had no idea. I’m really impressed. I think you’ve won already to be on this list. It’s bound to open up doors. Congrats, Trent! Well done.

    1. No, never done this before, Amy, but I do a lot of public speaking. Usually it’s about somewhat predictable stuff, rather than what’s in my head. Yup, engineer. Not necessarily a good one, but one none the same. Thanks much, Amy – I’m enjoying my fifteen minutes for sure.

    1. Jones, make sure you give me a reasonable critique of the potential for my voice to headline some kind of Pink Floyd reunion tour. I would appreciate that.

  3. I’s true man. Your poetry is whack! Ha. I jest buddy. This is awesome Trent. And so cool to actually hear you speak. Am typing this comment as I listen and oh boy have I missed the way Canadians say the word out!!

    I need to get back there man. The Beaver Lodge is unoccupied from April to July..?

    Oh man, the dude interviewing you really sucks at jokes. Your ‘yeah that’s funny’ fake laugh is brilliant though!

    Hey congrats on the novel too. And that’s great news that some agents have shown some interest off the back of this contest. Really pleased for you bud. Right, I’m going to stop giving you virtual head and get to work on some new material myself. Word.

    1. No man, the poetry’s bad. Real bad. Yeah, we speak were in Canada, it’s cause the cold gets in our privates and we get really squeaky. You come on up here whenver you feel like it, I mean it. You got a place, you got transport to and from the airport, and you got a minor lake’s worth of wine, scotch and beer.

      Yeah, get to work on your stuff man. Want to see more of it.

  4. What struck me most was that it was only FIVE degrees!

    Seriously, good interview…and I didn’t even notice the “you knows” you occasionally dropped. I am pissed at you, though, for not mentioning me as your favorite author. Sheesh, Salmon Rushdie!

    1. That’s five degrees Celsius, Doobster. It was the warmest day in ages, and sunny too. Glorious.

      Thanks, I was actually okay with the interview, I got another one coming up Monday. I tried to sneak your name in there, Doobster, honest! But Rushie was my first love.

  5. I did a podcast once, and listening to it, I was a bit horrified at how many “you knows” and “I means” I used. I guess you don’t notice your speech patterns until you have to listen to yourself talk for awhile.

    1. Yeah, that makes sense. Unfortunately, I’ve heard myself speak like three times today. Glutton for punishment, I suppose. I just knew I should have broken into rap… go down in flames, I say.

  6. I am pretty sure that no one, and I mean no one, can hear their own voice and not want to scream.

    It sounds like you might just need to get used to how you sound. You are on your way!

    1. My wife hasn’t heard it yet, she’s away for a bit… that’s going to be the true test. I wouldn’t be surprised if she breaks out into manic laughter.

      We’ll see, Elyse. I figure it’s all about the quality. I better nail this novel, just trying to do my best and have fun.

      1. Ok, now I’ve actually listened to it. And while I don’t know what your wife will say, I will certainly say you épée re Trend-y!

        Just kidding. It was a polished, well-spoken interview that you nailed. Well done!

              1. That is true. And since the camera brings our my psychotic side, it is probably best to get my accolades in written format.

              2. No. I promised my husband no pictures. I write about politics and gun control too often — he’s afraid someone will shoot me.

  7. I did not notice any “you know”‘s, Trent. Don’t be surprised that no one else notices that. I’ve found that about half the time people watching their on video focus all their attention to the times where they, in their opinion, have screwed up, and half the time think that they were 100% awesome.
    But I just couldn’t stop thinking that you sound so polite. 🙂 or maybe this is the Canadian accent.
    And yes, Salman Rushdie!

    1. Really? Interesting. I have another shot on Monday, I have to try and do a bit better, but this one has pre-arranged questions… which will be killer when they throw something at me they didn’t prep me for.

      I know some of my written stuff and comments are a bit off-kilter at times, but I’m generally considered to be a pretty polite person, very quiet, and somewhat introverted (I hate that word – sounds like a funny belly button).

      I love Rushdie. The Moor’s Last Sigh is like a dance. He is so forceful with his language, so inventive, it’s a bit insane what he does with images.

      1. Ok, then next time, just don’t worry about “you know”, “ummm”, and whatever speech filler you may be concerned about. If you think about it too much, it will just make the rest of the interview harder.
        I haven’t read Last Sigh. In fact, I only read a few of his books, and Ground Beneath Her Feet was my favorite. But he has that effect on me when I read him – words in my head start weaving together into bits of unended and unstarted stories the way they never do normally.

        1. That’s good advice, I’d say. Try Moor’s if you ever get a bit of time. It had that ultimate effect on me, opening up worlds. That man is a magician.

  8. You’re a star!!!!! How very cool is this. Would love to know more about your novel. Unfortunately, I’ll have to listen to this again. During most of it the dog was barking and somebody was emptying the dishwasher. Congrats to you, sir, for being featured. I’m pretty sure some great things are ahead for you.

  9. I’m filled with conflicting emotions, Trent: On one hand, I’m happy for your success and I’m proud to know you. On the other hand, I’m sick and tired of failing at the writing biz.
    But at the end of the day, this is your home and I’m happy you’re receiving your much-deserved due.

    1. Hook, you are very honest. Thanks for sugar coating nothing. I hate making anyone feel less than good. I heavily-debated blogging about the contest at all. I’m not a promoter. I’m not about contests. I don’t want people to feel anything but positive.

      All I know is that the business is hard, and there is luck involved. And I know that you’re a good writer. I don’t know what else to say.

      1. There’s nothing more to say, Trent.
        I’m simply feeling doubly defeated because I assisted my daughter in her audition for the next season of Dragons’ Den and she hasn’t heard back from the producers.

        The kid is being quiet but I know she’s devastated and so am I, truthfully. They put complete morons through but people with something worthwhile to offer have an uphill battle unless they’re flamboyant or eccentric.

        So I’m just bummed right now but I’m trying to stay positive – and failing miserably.

        1. Hard to say why people get on that show. I suspect it has little to do with actual talent or a good product, more to do with showmanship. I think substance just doesn’t matter much anymore. It’s about flash and image. It’s sad. I hope your daughter keeps going with whatever she’s developing, as one set of voices saying no is just that, and only that.

          Head up, please Hook. Nothing’s ever easy. Persistence is basically everything, that and having a passion for what you do that must be recognized in the end.

    1. Really, do I sound like I have an accent? Don’t make me listen to the thing again!

      I never need any reason other than sheer soul-bending love to visit NYC.

        1. I think so. I call it that now. I used to call it a really bad decision I made when I was in high school. It was either english or engineering. I chose safe. There’s no point in saying it was a wrong decision, if I hadn’t made it, I would never have met my wife.

          May I ask what kind of engineer she is? I’m always curious. I’m environmental/chemical.

              1. I don’t know about that, otherwise I would actually do it. Poetry seems to be selecting or feeling in the right words at all times. In prose, you can make mistakes. You can add and subtract without really affecting anything. You can get away with being verbose. Maybe easier/harder isn’t the right term. I think prose is more forgiving of being undisciplined.

  10. That was a great touch of reality over there…to find out more about what is behind the scenes and, yes, also not revealed in between the lines on your blog. Must admit it is always interesting for me to “put together” somebody’s written words with voice 🙂
    PS: Congratulations on being nominated – I hope you will win, Trent!

  11. Was a really good interview NB…you are a natural, seemed very at ease. I’m so excited for you, this is the beginning…bon chance my friend…wishing all good things.

    1. Glad you listened to it, SB, and that I didn’t sound too dorky. I guess we’ll see where this leads… only thing I know is that I better produce something good.

      Avec l’amour, mon ami.

  12. Trent that is amazing!! I’m so proud of you! You’re a great writer and poet and I wish you all the success in the world!! Oh and I should get your autograph now! 😉

      1. Thank you! Me too I don’t know what happened, I so thought that I was following you! MMMM…..WINE!

        When do I get my autograph?!

        I am kind of anit-Ontarian..

        1. Yummy wine… so yummy… Um, so, back to the comment I made to Matticus the other day that you chimed in on, I’ll leave a nice autograph in the snow… ha! Just kidding.

          I’m kind of anti-Ontarian too. I like your province way better.

          1. EWWWW!! I don’t want a DJ autograph!! lol

            Yeah I totally don’t want to stay living in this part of where we are, it’s pretty awful here but another area of where we are is where I hope to be in a couple of years. Much closer to the mountains!

  13. When the woodpecker or jackhammer or whatever is in my head decides to stop, I am going to listen to this because I’m such a big fan. Well done!

      1. I’m off tomorrow 🙂 St. Patrick’s Day, kinda a big deal here! I listened to your interview. It was strange but nice to hear you, and I just love the accent! Great job 🙂

        1. Oh crap, I forgot! Well, hope the hangover is receding and that you’re feeling well. That was an awesome photo, by the way – you are super cute, if I may say so. Thanks for the words on the interview, it’s weird to be heard like that. But I bet your accent is way stronger than mine…

          1. I’m starting to feel better but it will be a long time before I’ll go so crazy. Thank you, I don’t remember taking it now but there are several questionable photos in my phone.
            You came across as so articulate and calm. I tend to talk too quickly and you’re right, my accent is very strong.i have an American friend who laughs at everything I say ha!

  14. flog away! 🙂 loved it. so weird and wonderful to hear your voice for the first time. i really hope you hang up your engineer’s hat coz you’re an amazing writer and deserve this. very impressed! you and your family must be SO proud. soooo happy for you, my friend.

    1. We’ll see, my friend – thanks for being happy for me. Coming from a friend such as yourself, who I’ve known longer than most anyone on here, that means a lot.

  15. I can’t wait until I’m not lazy as shit long enough to listen to this. It may be a while but at least I have something to look forward to. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with flogging yourself here. As long as we don’t have to clean anything up, we all like to watch…

    1. I feel like a wanker. Know what a wanker is? I don’t. Yes, I’m drinking again, so what. I hate flogging. I’m just here for the inane writing, lady. Still trying to figure out what you’re here for… but glad you are. Listen to the interview. Be drunk at the time. Write me something incendiary. I spelled that wrong. Them’s the breaks.

  16. 1. If you want to headline for Floyd, I suggest you gargle with a mix of crushed glass and 10-w-40.
    2. Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories is the only one I’ve read, but it fills my heart. I got to hear him speak in person, once. It was absolutely brilliant. I should make it a point to read more of his.
    3. If I may be so bold — I’d be honored if you’d be willing to let me read the novel, Lewin.
    4. I listened to this four separate times. Whatever verbal tic you think you have? Doesn’t exist. You came across as calm and collected. I’d have peed myself. Twice. I’m an idiot when it comes to talking out loud.
    5. You’ve done well, Lewin. Don’t hesitate to share all your triumphs.

    1. 1. I’m totally down with glass and motor oil if it gets me in front of some Comfortably Numb. But I assure you, Jones, I will already be comfortably numb.

      2. I’m dying with jealousy. I want to meet him just once. I want to stutter and drool all over him. Try The Moor’s Last Sigh. It’s incredible. It’s true art. I think he’s the greatest living author.

      3. Now you’re talking. I saw that you e-mailed, will send a note shortly.

      4. Thanks Jones.

      5. I feel cocky. And I don’t want to make people feel bad about themselves. But I don’t mind them helping me celebrate a bit either.

      1. 1. So long as you could still sing, right?
        2. Don’t die. I didn’t get that email, yet.
        3. Breath, bated.
        4. Welcome
        5. I’m not sure it’s cocky if it’s well-deserved.

  17. You were awesome. Seriously. And this is so amazing. I’m so happy for you!

    Next time though you should mention my name, you know. Like in Super Troopers when they try to say “Meow” as many times as possible. It would be funny. And then I would be famous too, you know 🙂

    P.S. I didn’t really notice the “you knows” and I was really listening. Not listening and doing something else at the same time.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Sorry about not giving you a shout-out, I would have if I could, honest.

      Thanks for listening, that’s awful flattering… and kind of weird, thinking that people are listening to me.

      1. I know. I was just teasing you.

        You’ll have to get used to it when you become famous. Just wait until you get on TV. Then we’ll be watching and listening to you!!!!

  18. Trent! It’s like you’ve been giving interviews all your life. You already sound like a famous novelist. And you are! That future is just waiting for you to step into! I’m going to go read that short story now. 😀

  19. woot woot Trentster. You sounded great. although you did not match the voice in my head that I pictured you sounding like. I’m so happy for you!! and you have agents calling you about a novel??? HOLY SHIT!!!! lol I couldn’t be prouder to know you! well, I could’ve if you said I was your favorite writer, but, I suck compared to Rushdie!, so I’ll let that one slide! 🙂 and when you get that novel finished, I would LOVE to read it for ya, I beta read for some of the other writers in our group here, and it’s so good to hear other’s honest opinions, in case you left something out, or the story doesn’t flow correctly, so let me know if you need any help. but Damn, I’m so happy for you, you big star you! lol I bet you were blushing through the whole interview. I can’t ever speak in public without shaking, my voice, my legs, I’m like a happy retarded puppy! so, well done!!! and I didn’t hear any “you know’s” but maybe one, so let it go, the next interview will be about your first novel and you don’t want to worry about something that doesn’t exist!!! oh, and ps, that story you wrote was super great, and you should’ve won, it was way better than the nut lady!! She didn’t write nearly as well as you! seriously! next year, enter that story about the girl on the river, and you’ll win for sure!! still my favorite! 🙂

    1. S’all good Shards. I love that story about the river, one of my faves. So beta reader eh… I don’t know if I’d subject you to that, Shards, seems cruel and unusual.

      Glad to see you back and posting, have to read some of your stuff, been hibernating a bit over here.

      1. don’t bother, all dark and gloomy… matching the rain. and you know I’d love your novel! I’m just offering because a good friend recently read mine, and found lots of little problems with it, that my other editor did not. Now I’m working on fixing it, much to my chagrin, and will have to submit a second edition. so the offer stands, in case you change your mind. 🙂

        1. Let me think on it, Shards. I am working really hard on it right now. I would appreciate a read, honestly. There’s a couple of people I’d like to send it out too – let me flip you an e-mail when I’m getting close.

    1. Hey Nancy, why thank you. It’s all good, was a fun time, and I never been interviewed before. I had been considering streaking the radio station, but I don’t think the effect would have been all that effective on radio. Plus… crappy winter. Crappy crappy winter.

        1. Well, up here, we have special insulation for that… never mind, I don’t want to spill any national secrets. When it’s this cold, we have to take special measures to facilitate breeding. And boy do we like to breed, Canadians are kind of like moose that way.

    1. Jo! Thanks man, it was a fun time overall, though I didn’t win (what I loosely call “losing”). How you doing? When are you gonna write something for us?

      1. Fook winning, just being you’re fabulous writing self and getting nominated is one heck of an achievement, well done you!
        I’m doing alright and I’m working on it. Ok, ok, im thinking about working on it, ha! Changed email address so will pass that on when I get organised…you know, in case you need a venting place. ( haha alright, in case I do)

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