Year: 2015

This Isn’t About the Death of a Kid

No, it’s about something much more important. This cartoon was run in the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine that was targeted by terrorists in January of this year: That’s right, it’s a drawing of Alan Kurdi drowned in the waves as he and his family attempted to flee the most dangerous country […]

Benny Hill is Not in the Reboot; Or, How I Joined the Self-Preservation Society, and Determined that Short Titles are Daft

            The first time I saw snow, I walked into a February version of Montreal in a t-shirt. When I saw what was happening with my breath, I remember looking at my parents, thinking that they were going to accuse me of smoking – and right in front of them. It took a while for […]

Lords of the Pepper Coast

                “If you’re going to throw up, do it in the corner. There’s a bucket over there.”                 Ashanti puts hands on her hips. “Aunt Kandie, you say that because you don’t think I can hold it in!”                 “Sorry child. It’s the ship swaying. Don’t you think it’s getting worse?”                 “Of course it’s […]

Anywhere is Better than Here: A True Tale of Domestic Terror

                You may or may not believe it, but this is a true story.                 On July 24, 2015, R_____ and J_____, family name withheld, were loitering in the dusty parking lot behind a townhouse complex when they saw a heap of recyclables perched against a back entrance. Their original inclination was to push the […]

Did You Know that You Cannot Lick Your Elbow?

Too much fiction can make a person overly serious. I often like to substitute clanking prose on the keyboard with shopping on-line… somewhere in that statement is an important commentary on humans as a whole. I’m sure everyone has heard of the mega on-line site Alibaba ( It is a Chinese-hosted site from which you […]

A Gift for Marie

            Sasha is a name that is hard to pronounce, thinks Marie, but there is no need to say names when you are splashing paint on snow and swirling it together to make wonderful patterns. Paint soaks through snow. Sasha upturns a can of yellow and Marie pats her on the cheek with a spot […]

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