My Name is Not Julie: A Guest Post

This is a post about the infamous Julie! That’s right, the blogger without a blog! I have been long remiss in sitting on this guest post – my apologies to Julie and the rest of the blog world that I’m sure would dearly like to know more about her. As one of the most generous, hilarous and prolific commenters out there, I consider her an on-line friend and a mainstay of this community. Here’s to Julie! And without further ado… her guest post.

The mysterious Julie.
The mysterious Julie.

     I sometimes over think things a little bit maybe. Like possibly a little bit too much. Not that I can’t accept that sometimes a duck is just a duck and there isn’t anything else but a duck. I can. I just have a hard time with it sometimes. Like my friend Trent asking me to guest post (like a dog with a bone). I can write something. I have plenty to say. I am smart and I have a good sense of humor. Why is the writing something for Trent so hard then? Perhaps it is that nasty habit of over thinking things. How long is it supposed to be, and more importantly, what to write, what to write?…

     Do I go for silly? I can be very funny! I crack myself up all the time, although I might be easily amused. How about serious? Tackle some tough social issue? Crime or gun control? Gay rights?  Maybe philosophical, something to inspire! Some fabulous thought provoking piece! I do consider myself “smarter than the average bear”. (Do you think that might be a side effect of over thinking things?) Maybe something revealing about myself? I have as many skeletons as the next guy I guess, maybe even more. I could talk forever about my children and my parenting journey. I could share war stories of a less than stellar marriage or touching tales of loved ones. Or I could even make up a story! A piece of fiction!

     See? Over think the simple request and I have at least 10 (if not more), options for a blog post for Trent but I just didn’t feel like I had any ideas. You might be asking “So what’s your problem then Julie?” It’s hard to start a story. It has been a long time since I have written anything and even longer since I had an assignment. I am deeply honored that Trent would want me to guest post. I don’t really know how I stumbled into the blog world (not really true, I know exactly how) but I am in awe of how many very smart and thoughtful and downright funny people I have found. Dead serious. When I went home to share this newly found playground with my daughter and told her of the wonderful writers I discovered, people I get! People who would (and do) get me! Her answer was I could start my own blog. I could you know. She would help me. Or I could just read, and visit other people’s playgrounds I don’t really need to have my own. Then I don’t have to worry about any of that pesky maintenance stuff. I don’t know a lot of the blog etiquette. I don’t know if there is some magic to hitting the “follow” button that rewards the owner of the blog somehow. I follow quite a few blogs, but mostly by virtue of me going to see if there is anything new. The writers I love and check frequently for a new read but don’t “follow”. Am I doing them a disservice? Do I matter to them since I am not a fellow blogger? I don’t know what I am. I don’t know what I am doing. I do know that I feel that I have made some friends that are just as real as the ones I can physically touch. I don’t know if that is good or bad really (and there you have it! Yet another topic for a post) but I feel strangely close to a handful of these writers yet I haven’t really met them other than on their own respective blogs, or in the comment section of a blog we both read.

     My name really is Julie, well, not really. My real name is Julia but Julie is short for Julia, so I count that as my real name too. My eyes are blue, my hair is very long and used to be blonde, however it has gotten darker as I have gotten older. I have 2 children, 2 cats and a dog and am passionately in love with all of them. I am a native of the Chicago area. I am a “bit on the exceptional side”. Seems to be fodder for many posts doesn’t it?

     I don’t have a facebook page, I don’t have a twitter account. I don’t wear make up. I love my jeans and tee shirts and sneakers. I am not very materialistic. I work a lot of hours, an average of 65 hours a week. I probably drink too much but for some reason beer is part of my personal reward system. I pretty much just fly by the seat of my pants, and try hard to trust my instincts, they are very rarely wrong. I value honesty, integrity, and loyalty. (just your basic dog) I find it difficult to understand people who are mean.

     There you have it. A little peek into the safer parts of my head.

***Trent’s note: for the record, you do matter Julie, and much as you don’t need a blog to be a part of this community, I would love to hear more of your stories in blog format. Hint hint! For further information on Julie’s blog adventures, head here:

Dream hard, rage hard.

208 thoughts on “My Name is Not Julie: A Guest Post

  1. Hey, Julie/Julia – when are you going to take me up on my offer to guest post for me? You could be like Paul Curran – a non-blog owner who gets more views than the blogger(s) he guest posts for!

    Trust me – maintaining a blog can be a real pain in the butt. Guest posting is so much more fun, and much less work.

    And really, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger when you hit “follow” or when you comment. I think we all appreciate our readers, however they come to us. I know I do.

      1. TRENRENTRENT! Thank you for allowing me! It makes me a bit bashful actually. I wasn’t sure if you didn’t like it, and I certainly didn’t mean to pester you about it. (Only when I got pestered by everyone else to ‘start a blog’ yadda yadda yadda) I just seemed like the right thing to do, you know, turn them loose on you, so you would post 😛 (and they could see that I haven’t that much talent.) You, my friend, always bring a smile to my face. Thank you.

        1. No, I just suck Julie. I forget more stuff than I remember, routinely. I think it’s a great post, totally genuine, and look how everyone’s responded to it… I think it’s great, and you also bring smiles to my face. Not like that Art chap, he mostly makes me feel pain in the groin area… wait, I don’t know what I mean by that… oh the pain…

    1. Thank you CM! Thank you very much. I was afraid to come over here for some reason. It is weird for me to have something I have written put out there. (I’m sure you understand, you had a first time too.) Now that I have re read this I have refreshed some ideas, perhaps I could come up with something for you. You have no idea how this makes me feel. You really want me to write a guest post for you? It would be an honor and a pleasure.

      I had that idea about the maintenance. That and I really don’t have a lot of free time, but the notion is bouncing around in my head anyway.

      I found that I enjoy the interaction of the comment section. I guess part of the etiquette that I was unsure of was if I was allowed to speak to anyone, or if it was rude to reply to a comment someone made. Like the comment section was strictly between author and individual reader, but I have learned that it isn’t and it is how you expand and meet new people, many of whom I now consider my friends.

      1. So now that you’ve been deflowered, so to speak, feel free to spread your wings. I await your draft.

        I don’t know about other bloggers, but I very specifically remember asking my Cordelia if it was OK to comment on other people’s blogs. Now you can’t stop me!

      2. Everything in blogland is fair game, in my opinion. Comment on comments, on posts, on non-posts, anything goes. Which is the beautiful part of it all.

        1. Well, if everything goes Trent, then I don’t feel so bad about plugging my latest guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom Please drop by for a read if you have the time. Thanks!

  2. I must have been living under a rock these past few months since I’ve never met Julie/Julia. Oh yeah, I have been.

    1. Your new job sounds like my current one… why can’t ‘independently wealthy’ be a job, really? I’d take it. I’d knocks the socks off that job…

      Glad you got to meet Julie, though haven’t seen her around just yet… I’m sure she will be by.

      1. 🙂 just a little shy about it for some reason Trent! I will get into my groove though… Ooops! Boss is here! gotta go! 😉

    2. HA! I have seen you around NancyTex! I really have! We haven’t really met yet, but I think my rock is just down the lane from yours! I know about the ‘independently wealthy’ wonder too, why couldn’t I have been born rich instead of so good looking? HAHAHahahahaha!

      1. Okay, this is awesome… cool bloggers meeting each other! This is better than money. Although money AND cool bloggers meeting each other would work too.

    1. Thank you NAPR! We hang out a lot at the same places, but don’t know much about each other. I do know how clever you are however!

      1. Well, I spent the better part of months not posting her guest post… so in reality I’m sort of a dolt. A pleasant, well-meaning dolt? Maybe. Good to see you, Jaded – hope you are well.

        1. Bah! You didn’t have to do it at all Trent! I had forgotten much of what I wrote. I was mildly surprised with myself!

        1. I can only imagine the mockery to follow… plus Art will probably send me to latrine duty… the things he does in the bathroom do not compute with mere mortals… that man is seriously gross.

    1. Thank you ever so much! I don’t feel awesome, I just feel kinda normal/regular but it is very kind of you to say so!

  3. Glad to meet the infamous Julie! And by the way Jules (if I may be so bold)…you’ve just written a purty good “About” page fer yer blog! 😉 And Trent, et al are correct…you do matter. We all do. Blog, don’t blog, makes no difference. You show up, you read, you comment, you are part of their worlds…that’s all that matters. Welcome and look forward to more, whether you own white space or someone else’s. 🙂

    1. Thank you Rhonda! I like Jules. I used to sign my art with Jules! I guess I just worried that my comments might not be welcome. I didn’t know anyone. not anyone. Yet here I am throwing my 2 cents in!

      1. I’ll let ya in on a little secret Jules…none of us knew anyone when we started! I know, right? This blogosphere has turned out to be the BEST Find a Friend site ever! Glad you took the chance and jumped in…you’ve found a particularly special group of people and I dare say, you’ve found friends for life eh?

        1. Really and truly I couldn’t be happier with the looney bunch of people I found. So smart, so kind, and soooo freakin funny!

          1. I do try NB…once in a while 🙂

            Ps – You guys missing something up there? Like about 50 degrees F of your ICE COLD WIND? Good grief, my tongue is stuck to my wine glass it’s so cold! Snug in and keep those kiddies warm…

            1. Sorry SB! Yes, we’re in the deep freeze, one more week to go though – and then it warms up some. Today, we’re going skating – outdoors! Cause we are weird like that.

      1. ha! oh stop! suckitude. Balls Trent! You crack me up, hardly a mystery lady. You even found a picture of me!

          1. Looks just like me! right down to the smoke! I must have set my beer down for a moment though. I think JD is gonna post a pic of us for you!

    1. You have picked on me?? huh?? Listen, I grew up with 2 older brothers, THEY picked on me. You? We have played together quite nicely and it has been my pleasure! 😀

  4. Oh my freakin goodness Julie you’re an awesome writer!! I love this and nice to meet you further. I share Trent’s sentiments you are a valuable part of the blogging community. You give us lots to pick on you about! Now even more so. Trent you rock for posting this! Thank you so much for the link!.

    1. She is super cool and ever-present and has left some of the best comments I can ever remember on my posts, something I will never forget. Julie rocks!

    2. Thank you G! As I mentioned to Victo Dolore, I had 2 older brothers, you guys don’t compare to the way they picked on me! We play nice, they were ruthless!

  5. Great post, Julie! And thanks, Trent, for exposing us to another amazing writer! I can totally understand why you (Julie) don’t want to deal with the hassle of a blog, but I hope you’ll take up some of the offers for guest posting. I know I’d love to read more!

    1. Thank you Erin! I think I am going to give it a whirl, at least the guest posts. I have a really good idea for a piece of fiction.

      1. I would absolutely love to read your fiction. If you write it, I will post it – and not wait months to do so. In fact, if you are going to do it, I will post some fiction again, even though I said I wouldn’t. I hate not posting my fiction!

          1. If I beg, would you do it? I know I have failed miserably in my duties previously, but I’m all about the fiction, and I die for the good stuff – I figure you would bring it.

          2. The idea is really good I think Trent. I am just really having a hard time trying to figure out how to tell it! JD has told me to tell it from each perspective I considered. That might end up making a short book!

  6. Can’t you just hear Cary grant saying “Julie, Julie, Julie”?

    I’m sure I speak for all of the folks who tease you mercilessly to start your own blog, when I say “We love you!” Your comments are warm and funny and perceptive because you are smarter (and funnier ) than the average bear. And you do have a place in the ‘sphere.

    I started my blog after thinking about doing it for a while. I got mad over something and ranted. I found it’s fun. I met people and told the stories my flesh friends heard a hundred times. I bitch. I make fart jokes. I do whatever I please I my space.

    It has been wonderful getting to know you better through this post. And through your comments.

    But I’m still gonna give you a hard time for not having your own space. ;). You have sooo many good ideas!!!!


    1. Warm and funny and perceptive… that says it perfectly, Elyse. As well as funnier than the average bear, because bears are funny…. wait…

      So your first post was a rant? I may have to hunt that down on your blog.

    2. Oh good grief Elyse! You are such a mahhhvelous person! I guess I take for granted that all this should be common knowledge of me….. I feel so close to some of my blog friends I tend to forget that it really isn’t. I mean I know some of it has been revealed, but this ties it together nicely into a bundle. Thanks for taking the time Elyse! You rock sister!

  7. This is awesome. Just leave it to Trent to have a guest post for someone without a blog. You know, Julie, that you NOW must have a blog. Ha ha. I have the perfect name. It’s “Julie without a blog.” Yeah, yeah. Do it. Do it. You sound like an old soul, Julie. You don’t worry about all the trivial stuff. You here to do some serious thinking. I like it! But how can I follow you?! I would if you had a blog. Seriously, you don’t need to have a blog to be part of this community. I think it’s great you’re here! Thanks for this post!

      1. I am beginning to understand this. Thank you so much for the use of your platform Trent! Perhaps my blog will be “the orphanage” where all my blogging buddy’s can go to vent like they can’t on their own blogs for fear of someone reading….

    1. Thank you Amy! I am an old soul I think. I worried about the trivial stuff for long enough, after a certain point you realize that stuff is wasting your time. I now have more names for blogs than necessary! Don’t follow me Amy, I am lost too! (jk) Trent is a heck of a guy, he really is. He is one of the few in this sphere who always brings a smile to my face, just by seeing his name!

  8. Julie No Blog! What a co-inkey-dinc finding you here. You just read a guest post of mine and now I get read one of yours. Whew, we’re making out like rabbits here. It’s a good gig guesting, as long as you can help bring views to your host’s blog.I do intend to set up a blog of my own as soon as I can get a new computer that has the power to do it (freezes up with this one). You did a fine job here today – brushing back some of the mystery of the infamous Julie No Blog. Keep up the good work!

        1. Oh great, now I have to imagine what a Squatouin is and what Paul’s elusive journey through the blogosphere would look like if he did it riding a mechanical camel. There is something about ‘mechanical camel’ that does it for me, so to speak.

      1. Hi UCW! My last guest blog was over at Anawnimiss (a young East Indian blogger) I have a number of guest posts at Cordelia’s Mom – click on categories on the right of her blog and you’ll find my name in the drop down – that lists my guest posts there. I also have a new one, “The Holy Rollers” posting there on Jan08 the last one there was The Christmas Kitten Thanks so much for your interest UCW.

    1. Julie No Blog! Excellent name. Um, so what’s this about making out like rabbits? I’ll have you know that, unlike Art’s blog, this truly is a family blog… there’ll be no rabbit breeding here, my friend!

      You sir, as per Julie, need to purchase said faster computer in a hurry, there are legions that would like to hear more of your words… you and Julie are pretty awesome.

    2. Thanks Paul! It hardly compares with the stories you have told. I am not really sure if it is the story or the way it is told, I am pretty sure it is a combination of both, but you, buddy, you got the gift!

  9. I really enjoyed this! Though being among the ones (there are some, aren’ t there?!) who had never heard about Julia/-e before, I am happy I have now and would enjoy discovering even more in future. So what if there’ s no blog or twitter account…I am sure there still are some ways – like the one Trent (thank you, Trent!) has found, for example. Or an audio “post” about what has been on your mind in one moment or another…to be found somewhere in the virtual world. Looking forward… 🙂

    1. Thank you Ese! I am sure there are a LOT of people who haven’t heard about me. I don’t have a blog you know.. 😉

      1. Audra-love? Trent, this is unbelievable! Really. I feel I should be chanting “I’m not worthy” Sooo many nice things being said! Thank you Trent! You made this happen!

        1. Nah you made it happen. You comment like crazy, and always great comments, how can people not love that? Plus you can write, my friend. You can really write.

    1. 😀 Thank you so much. We’ll see how this turns out! I am as excited to see what happens as you are!

  10. I think that writing a great post without actually having a blog is the very definition of meta. Isn’t it? Or is that more passive/aggressive? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if is Julie was actually TRENT with a feathery boa? Ha, “Julie.” You can’t fool me. My drag name is Holly Gogrumpy.

    1. Totally meta… am I actually Julie? I would be totally cool with that. Perhaps I am Julie. Perhaps I’ve always been Julie. But I would need a handle as good as Holly Gogrumpy, and that may require some study… I think I may need to engage in the drag lifestyle for a bit to acquire an appropriate handle. And yeah, that sounds a bit dirty…

    2. I was just listening to an On Being where they talk about Meta, so I’m pretty sure this is all true. Because why would the universe teach me about it and then have you mention it like 35 seconds later? I’m going to be late for work.

    3. Oh my goodness Holly!! You have gotten me to laugh out loud quite often lately! What gave me away? How did you see through my feathery boa? I need a bigger one don’t I?? Holly Gogrumpy! mmmmmmpfffff! Glad to see you visited!

            1. Did you just out yourself??? I mean that’s totally okay, I’m just flattered that you decided to do it on my blog. And yes, I would totally go on a date with you, but no hand-holding until the third date and you better not get fresh with me, I’m Canadian. Wait a minute… you and Doobster just spent a day together… oh the jealousy!

  11. Julie, Julia, Julie. You definitely matter. You are of a rare breed. I love my blogging buddies and my blogging community. They are smart, funny, terrific writers and amazingly supportive. I often wonder, though, if we just continue to read each other’s stuff and comment out of friendship and loyalty (both very good things), sort of feeding each of each other (also, not a bad thing). That rare time (that may just be me, Trent may get a lot) that I see a comment from someone who has stopped by my blog and taken the time to comment just because they want to…not out of some sort of bloggers code or because they are related to me by blood…well, that’s just like…like, that Looney Tunes scene where the characters eyes pop out of their head, their heart starts pumping way out of their chest and fireworks start going off. We love you!
    It has to be said, though, if you ever start a blog I want to know about it so I can read you. Trent had better keep me posted on that.

    1. Michelle, I think you are right there. I will honestly say that I often comment for friendship’s sake – I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but honestly I try to step up the comment if someone has written something that truly moves me. So I try to do both. I want people to know that I appreciate their writing and thoughts by leaving a comment, and I hope that the understand the depth of that appreciation for a truly great piece by the magnitude of the comment. So my eyes may pop out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way in this wonderful community… I’m glad people are there for each other, and that people have the great insights and remembrances and memories and thoughts to share… it enriches my life. I hope only to do something similar in return.

      Here’s to a Julie blog!

      1. See? This. Here’s my thing. (Arthur will love this as he always has a thing or two) I have poked around enough to see posts written that I might not agree with, or might raise my fur a bit. I have read comments that were just so mean and hurtful, that seemed to be only to attack the author. I don’t understand mean. I just don’t get it. We don’t all have to agree about everything, but I don’t have to read something I don’t agree with either. If it upsets me I do not have to continue to read, nor do I have to comment on it. There are some blogs that I read that I really enjoy some posts and totally skip others because of the content. I don’t need to say something negative, I don’t want to say something hurtful. I hate when I read those “mightier than thou” comments. I prefer to make comments that uplift, make a positive suggestion, or make y’all laugh.

        1. I agree. People mistakenly think at times that being opinionated is just so important… and sure it is, but so is, I dunno, being decent? I like people, J. I want to do right by them if I can, even if they’re totally different from me.

    2. Oh my. This is perfect. Thank you. I hope that all those blogs that I read and comment on feel that way as well. It makes me happy to make others feel good feelings!

        1. No, you said you don’t not pay us for nothing. There’s a difference, you know. Seriously, how do you maintain your supreme ruler status??? I hope you’re not slipping, I would hate to have to blindly serve another master… although that Julie… hmmm…..

            1. I’m pretty sure that when revolting (which I clearly am – ha!), you can kind of make up your own rules as you go along. I mean, it worked for you guys, right?

  12. Julie who? Should I know you? The others seem to. I do seem to detect the faint odor of buttercream but can’t make the connection.

    1. Ah Dan… I hope that’s sarcasm. You don’t know the Julie? THE JULIE??? She’s a grand queen of the blogverse as far as I’m concerned. I think she single-handedly kept Art’s comment thread going for weeks at a time… now what’s this about buttercream?

      1. She has done hard time in a bakery decorating cakes among other things. I do know Julie, we just don’t often cross paths or swords anymore. I don’t get around as much as I used to. Unfortunately, the blog won’t write itself and you know how I do with it. I just don’t have the time to play like I used to. Art and I used to spend hours taking pot shots at one another and that’s the only place to easily find Julie since she WON’T AUTHOR A BLOG. Too busy spreading buttercream, “don’tcha know.” [True first person trivia: That was one of Col. Sanders favorite phrases.]

        1. aw geeze. You know, I am around. I hit up a lot of places on a regular basis, some I just read and read and read and rarely, if ever comment, others I ramble on and on. I think the goofy ones help keep my wit keen, besides giving me a well deserved laugh. Yes, it’s true, I can make a beautiful rose out of buttercream “don’tcha know”

              1. It is a nice flavor between all dark or white. The drumette is closer to white of course, but moister and more flavorful.

          1. There was a time in my life when I came into close contact with Harlan on a frequent basis while involved with documenting his life and career. He was interesting, but could get cranky pretty fast at times.

              1. Mea culpa. I typoed that and IE spell check correctly saw “Harlan” as a word when I meant to type “Harland” as in Harland Sanders. I hate it when I hit the comment button and suddenly see you instead of your and and instead of an and I do it a lot.

    2. I wonder if that odor will ever leave? DAN! You found this too? Don’t be all coy about it, we have had a lot of fun playing together!

      1. I’m not allowed to play anymore. I’m under a court EPO to not go within a keyboard’s distance of anyone having fun and can play only with others my own age. That leaves most of the worlds population exempt.

  13. Yay Julie! I think that if you manage to reel us in and get us to follow you from guest post to guest post then you truly win at blogging. I’m honored to be on the list of people that “know” you 🙂 #BeeSpray

          1. Do you think the momentary bee shortage could be due to the fact that IT IS FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE? I believe the wind chill here today is -37. Without the wind it is a balmy -7.

        1. HA! that is part of the beauty, it doesn’t need to be hidden. I do need to keep you safe Aussa.

      1. Bee Spray. Trent! You have daughters right? Sheesh. Bee Spray. More effective than mace or pepper spray. It is an effective deterrent for a possible assault. It is legal, and doesn’t turn heads like a can of mace would. I bought a can for my daughter to keep in her car when she first started driving and encouraged her to use it if she ever felt threatened.

          1. it sprays further and will take a man down. Pepper spray isn’t as effective, and needs to be used in closer proximity. I told Aussa about it after she scared me with one of her “throw caution to the wind” posts that make me want to ground her.

  14. I already laughed. Like someone else said, maybe Trent IS Julie. And maybe I’m not her daughter. (but I am).

    Great writing Mom. I hope you see all of these people who are supporting you, while not losing sight of others supporting you in real life too.

    I don’t follow the blogs like Mom does, but I do enjoy hearing about them from her and seeing how she connects and identifies with them. Thank you all for that.

    1. Oh My! Look you guys! It’s my baby!! Thanks for checking it out JD! Somehow it makes me feel even better to have you see all the nice things that have been said to me! There’s some big names there honey, people that I don’t “follow” but I check them out sometimes multiple times a day! (Maybe you aren’t my daughter, maybe you are me making me feel better, which would make you Trent in a feather boa.) I won’t ever lose sight of you my baby girl, or your brother. Ever.

    2. Whoa… nice to meet you Julie’s daughter. Honoured to have you here. I’m pretty sure Julie is not me and I’m not Julie, which means I am not your mother but she still is… it all gets so confusing in here. Your mom rocks – and thank you so much for stopping by, really think it’s great to hear from you.

      1. 🙂 Isn’t she sweet?? The confusion is thanks to Exile, it was he who suggested I might really be you…. He has been tossing out some really funny zingers as of late…

  15. The more I think about it, the more I like this idea of not having a blog… Do you think i could get someone else to take over the Kingdom for me, and I could just guest post there from time to time?
    I think I’d miss it…
    But, maybe it would free me up to write, edit, and finish all those novels I’m working on?
    Meh. Probably not. 😛

    Nice to meet you Julie. I believe I have seen you around, though perhaps we’ve never formally been introduced…? I’m not really sure. I’m not sure of much these days as the toddler (the Little Prince) continues to steal my brain bit by bit.

    1. Ahh! Matticus! We have met, apparently you have made a bigger impression on me than I have on you! Thanks for your time! The Little Prince is worth more than anything Matticus! keep him your first priority!

      1. As further evidenced by my complete repetition of an excuse I had already used. *shakes head slowly, while gently rubbing temples* If you tell me I’ll sleep again one day, I’ll still believe you… but not for much longer.

        1. You will never sleep like you used to. Never again Matticus, but you will get to a comfortable level again. I promise.

  16. Julie!!!! I’m so glad I saw this. I’ve been a terrible slacker lately and not keeping up with the blogging world, and look what happens? I almost miss Julie’s post! I’m so glad Trent finally stopped blathering on about himself and his “stories” and gave you the opportunity write something (don’t tell him what I said about blathering, it will only hurt his feelings).

    Don’t worry, I tend to overthink things too. I think it’s one of my best qualities. And I have three cats, which is just like having two cats and one dog. And my hair has gotten darker over the years too. It’s like we’re twins! Yay!

    1. I know what you mean Jennifer! I really was just thinking about you, I hope you’re doing ok up there and not freezing to death or anything. I probably should have done some advertising on all the blogs I read when I left a comment, but I am not real good at self promotion. I should have done more to maybe bring some new traffic this way. I suppose it isn’t too late though. hmmmmm.

      🙂 That is why we get on so well Jennifer! Twins! Don’t all twins names start with the same letter?? Or a different first letter while all the rest of the letters are the same. (Hi my name’s Darryl, and this is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl)

  17. Ah, Julie, dipping your toes into having a blog, I see… 🙂
    But that “work 65 hours a week” part is a really good reason for not having a blog. Frankly, I work a bit less than that, and I still end up (for all intents and purposes) not having a blog for weeks in a row.

    1. See X? I can’t even keep up with one post much less an entire blog! Sometimes I just feel the need to fancy myself a writer. You are one of those that I have upon a pedestal for some reason. To see that you have read, and acknowledged me makes me blush a little bit.

    1. We might have… but I’m not sure. That was a looooong time ago, when blogland was innocent and everyone had each other’s back. Now it’s cutthroat, yo! Also, schmack!

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