I haven’t always been this nice. Here’s proof.

There is something mesmerizing about Mark’s posts. He needs to be read, deserves to be read – all that stuff. If you haven’t read him before, please go over and have a look, it is well well worth your time.

Dream hard, rage hard.

17 thoughts on “I haven’t always been this nice. Here’s proof.

  1. You are right, Trent. There is something about Mark’s writing that captures you. I think that it’s amazing he has all those meticulous journals and can chronicle the past as seen through his eyes at the time. I only kept one journal in my life and it was the year I had cancer. I started it so I could write down what doctors said to me so I wouldn’t forget and get it wrong later. I was on my own and drugged so I didn’t want screw up. I read it on occasion and am always surprised at the stuff I put in there.

    1. Well Michelle… I would vote for you to blog out some of that journal. I can’t imagine what it would say. I give Mark great credit for being unabashedly honest… wish I could be that honest.

  2. He is a terrific writer. I’d read and commented on this over at his house.

    But I want you to know, Trend, that I have always been this nice. Which, of course, isn’t very. 😉

  3. Thanks for exposing us to another great blogger. His journals are incredible – I wish I was that observant and meticulous enough to write it all down.

  4. Thanks again, pal. I was going to start in with my “I’m not worthy” bullshit, but I’m trying to move past that and start adopting a healthier attitude towards being complemented.

  5. I’ve read him end to end. He is fascinating. Trite as it my seem, fave is when he view into a restaurant at lunch and describes his meal…he showed a pic. Thanks for the highlight, Trent.

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