Some Very Cool Recognition


This is pretty neat, a short-list for an international writing competition:

4000 entries from 47 countries, and 26 stories on the shortlist (including mine). Kind of blown away, to be honest.




81 thoughts on “Some Very Cool Recognition

  1. Congrats Trent! Sending this comment from the fitness center at my hotel!
    So happy for you! Just making it that far is incredible!

  2. Absolutely Friking Awesome Tent. Man I knew you were amongst the best but to make the short list of 4,000 submissions from 47 countries is so cool. Congratulations dude! You are the best! Someday you’ll be a rich and famous writer and I’ll be able to say :”I knew Trent when he was a struggling writer.”

  3. I’m back, and I read their notice and the clip from your story. You had posted that story before! Repost, repost, repost!!!!!

    Tell ’em I told you to. Then you’re not bragging!

    Seriously cool honor for you. My fingers and eyes are crossed for you. Hopefully not my stars 😉

  4. Because you are the man… or the most highly-evolved nudibranch I know… wait… spell checker, nudibranch is too a real word… they are soft-bodied marine gastropod mollusks… loser…

  5. SO I didn’t bother to read the article, because I just noticed it… sorry, my bad. Anywho, it doesn’t matter what stupid list you’re on, we all know your da bomb!! Best writer I know! So Congrats and all, and let us know if ya win! STILL waiting on a book………………….and waiting…………….. 🙂

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