11 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a monster.

  1. In my view, it’s racism, pure and simple. It’s that age-old superstition over color of skin. America is getting more and more people of color, and soon white people will number less than 50% of the population. This worries the hell out of many white people, because, well, they’re racists, without even realizing it. They’d never vote for someone like David Duke, who is an overt white supremacist.

    But they’re very willing to vote for someone who is good at the dog whistles. Someone who questioned whether or not Obama was born in the U.S. Someone who goes after illegal immigrants. Someone who engages in trade wars, and who supports nationalism. These are the dog whistles of racism. A person can support Trump for these reasons, and continue to reassure themselves that they are not racist, even though they really are.

  2. Are you just noticing now?
    My theory (as an observing Canadian): A narcissist is charming to those who are tuned into his dog whistle. They’re just enjoying the Kool-Aid. Think Jim Jones. Or Hitler.

  3. It depends how you define intelligence. He’s not well-educated, he is ignorant, and he seems uninterested in attempting to understand what he doesn’t understand. But he’s obviously brilliant at manipulation, of both the people and the system. He’s put himself at the highest position of power without help from the political establishment, and the establishment has been unable to control him like they did Dubya, for example. Idiots can’t do that. What he is, is a narcissist and a sociopath.

    I remember the first time I saw a Trump yard sign, and the first time I saw a MAGA hat on the dash of a parked car. Both of those instances felt bizarre and surreal — I could not believe that a real life human was seriously in support of this man. It boggles my mind even more so today when I see a Trump bumper sticker on a car, or t-shirt on a human, all these years later.

    I was talking with a friend of mine from work not long ago, and he admitted voting for Trump and thinking Trump would fall in line after the election (or the establishment would force him to) and stop all the “stagecraft.” Now THAT, I would argue was really stupid. But at least he (my friend) admitted he was wrong, wished he could take back his vote, and was adamant he’d not make that mistake again. Unforntunately, I’m not sure how representative he is of the Trump voter. There are still tons of people out there who support him, and I put these people into three main groups. The fist is those whose only source of news is the pro-Trump propoganda outlets. The second is ignorant, under-educated white people living in fear of an increasingly diversifying national demographic. These two groups are the ones at the rallies and the ones with bumper stickers and hats. The third group is those at the top of the business chain, who have the most to benefit from him, and more power than ever. They are the new establishment.

    • Well said, Walt.

      As a Canadian watching on the sidelines, I can only scratch my head, exchange with my intelligent American friends who all feel the same and hope like hell someone will wake up and take control of this madman…

    • You’ve done an exceptional job of explaining the mystery. He comes across as lacking in intellectual curiosity, narcissistic, and thriving on chaos and division. And in situations filled with chaos and division, he is actually a genius.

      The problem is that the world and this nation doesn’t need more chaos and division. He is playing with fire from a position where he can burn millions of people and he doesn’t seem to care. It’s almost like this is a game to him. Why should he care? When his term is up, he’ll still have his small fortune.

      • He is indeed playing with fire, and maybe even enjoying the burn. I hope that when his term is up, he actually leaves the office without a fight.

  4. I’ve been trying to explain the stableness and geniusiness of Trump on my blog for years. He’s the smartest, least racist, kindest and gentlest president America has in the last 2.5 years. He never leaves top secret stuff in his email account where the Russians might hack it,and just tells them all they want to know directly. He’s so virile that right after impregnating his (third!) wife he went have sex with other ladies. He’s so healthy that he didn’t go to Vietnam because all the other soldiers would be embarrassed by how unhealthy they all are compared to Trump, so he had to get a bogus “bone spurs” doctors note to spare everyone’s feelings. He’s so pro-immigrant that most of the people he married were immigrants. He’s so pro-family values that he puts his family members to run everything in the administration. And he’s so deliberative that sometimes he doesn’t tweet nasty stuff until 30-40 minutes after seeing it on Fox.

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