Wisdom Bites Back

The shortest line between points A and B is the recognition that there’s more to the alphabet than two letters.


With all respect to Johnny Crabcakes (https://aprayerlikegravity.wordpress.com)

Dream hard, rage hard.

26 thoughts on “Wisdom Bites Back

    1. Dude, this was all your idea. And a good one at that. I figure, you know, people aren’t up for reading big long stories. They really aren’t. I don’t blame them. But what if I could take those big long stories and distill them down to one sentence? The crux of the damn thing with no filler. No distraction. No misdirection or intrigue. Just the point, and nothing more. Wouldn’t that be something? Still a short story, of some kind. Maybe the new short story. It’s evolution, I tell ya!

      1. Well, I’m still up for big long stories. Just having a damned hard time finding the time to read them. Do you have any idea how many times one of your posts has rested in a tab on my browser for…umm….way too long….?
        I Desperately want to read them. I Desperately NEED to read them. My life needs them. But god dammit! My life keeps getting in the way of doing the things that I really enjoy.
        I feel like my favorite fine-dining restaurant (which, because of my income and schedule, I don’t get to enjoy very often) has threatened to close their doors! But then–NO!–instead they are now just switching formats! They’ve decided that the world needs a Smoothie/Juice bar! But Dammit Lewin, I NEED your stories.
        Please forgive me for not dining here more often. And please let me know where I can find your long read so that I can enjoy them when they are available and I have the time. (I am working on an exit plan from my current industry predicament….but it will be months before I can see the light…).

        1. Dude, you’re so right. That’s the heart of the issue. Why would someone sit down and spend like an appreciable amount of time reading a blog post of all things, when they could read a novel or watch a movie or eat a snack or wash their car or engage in questionably-healthy and definitely-peculiar sex with a fig newton? I know, and I don’t blame anyone, but I do appreciate your words. It feels weird to have people want to read me but it is honestly a wonderful feeling. I just hate taking up peoples’ time. I hate it.

          Anyway, you’ve given me a bit of inspiration and yes maybe I’ll synthesize my stories into short things here and there but then I’ll temper them with longer pieces. I’ll become both the shortest short story write and the longest short story writer! How’s that for a goal?

          Long stories will still be here. The next one’s in your honour, because you’re such a good sort. In the meantime, I hope you get out of your industry predicament… I can only imagine what that might be. Maybe you could put up a blog post about it? Your site is pretty barren, dude.

          1. Excuse me for eavesdropping here…I love your long stories as well and am in a similar predicament with having tabs open to get to them. I would much prefer reading your tales than some of the books I have read lately. My reading time is usually in a “resting” position. There are many times I have taken my kindle and gone to bed with you and one of your stories. Unfortunately, my kindle has been giving me grief about reading on line and seems to only want me to read books now. If I could figure out how to take my MAC to bed with me I wouldn’t have a problem.

            1. Indeed no worries about eavesdropping on any of my comments anyway. But be warned, you never know what sort of monstrous things you may over-hear….
              But then again….you’re talking about taking Trent to bed with you, so……

          2. And for what it’s worth, I feel pretty much the same about people reading my poetry. I always feel a little dirty somehow about it. “Do you want to read some of my poetry?” seems pretty much the same as “Would like to come up and see some of my etchings?”. It seems like the highest form of hubris to think that I have anything special to say…..

            1. I hear you. but hopefully some people see some merit and spend the time. I feel like I see merit in others, and want to read what they have to put out. Maybe people feel that way about us, too.

          3. And you, as well and as always, inspire me as well.
            I do have word-things that I am working on but I am debilitatingly perfectionist most times and I have practically zero free-time so hence the abundance of barren, empty-soul-n-the-city images on the blog.
            I require long blocks of uninterrupted time for deep omphaloskepsis in order to produce any poetry that I think is worth a shit and the afore-mentioned industry predicament is preventing me from accomplishing much of that. I can edit and bang out post-able photos in short little creative spurts (yes, I know how that sounds but I left it that way just for you…) and it actually makes my soul feel at least a bit less barren.

            1. Sooo tempted to be snarky… must resist. Must resist. But I understand what you mean. I find my time in the early mornings before everyone is awake, drown some coffee, and get at it. More and more, I feel like I can’t sleep in the mornings, that there is something to be done. You find your time where you can, because a barren soul is just so sad.

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