Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 5)

writing hat

I wear this when I’m writing. I am so legit.

A lack of disposable income is like a leaky faucet, and neither is worth complaining about unless you’re thirsty and broke.


You may not believe that the above is a short story, but it is. Just stripped of all its characters, flow, prose and setting – but otherwise, it’s right there. Thirty two syllables of literary wonder. You’re welcome.

Also, that’s a really big hat. Do you ever wonder what’s underneath it?


26 thoughts on “Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 5)

  1. One thing I’ll say about your “Wisdom Bites Back” posts: They’re a short, quick read. They also stimulate the cranium.
    There is a bowling ball underneath the hat.

        • I will have that name changed immediately! Any connection to bowling, bowling alleys or bowling balls is completely unintentional and not meant to indicate any support for said activity.

            • It was a sudden and bloody affair. There I was, earning my $3.50/hour when a bowling ball came upon me all unawares. I said “hi” but the ball wasn’t having any of it. Struck me in the ankle, it did, then reached up and punched me in the gonads. I retaliated by swinging a pin at it, which only served to escalate the situation. The manager tried to restrain me. A waitress put a garbage bag over the miscreant ball. We were both hauled away to the police station and spent the night in adjacent cells, growling at each other. I’ve seen that ball a few times since, hanging around town. He looks pretty rough. I wonder what he thinks when he sees me. Either way, I declare death to bowling and all things bowling-related!

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