Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 5)

writing hat
I wear this when I’m writing. I am so legit.

A lack of disposable income is like a leaky faucet, and neither is worth complaining about unless you’re thirsty and broke.


You may not believe that the above is a short story, but it is. Just stripped of all its characters, flow, prose and setting – but otherwise, it’s right there. Thirty two syllables of literary wonder. You’re welcome.

Also, that’s a really big hat. Do you ever wonder what’s underneath it?


Dream hard, rage hard.

26 thoughts on “Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 5)

  1. One thing I’ll say about your “Wisdom Bites Back” posts: They’re a short, quick read. They also stimulate the cranium.
    There is a bowling ball underneath the hat.

        1. I will have that name changed immediately! Any connection to bowling, bowling alleys or bowling balls is completely unintentional and not meant to indicate any support for said activity.

            1. It was a sudden and bloody affair. There I was, earning my $3.50/hour when a bowling ball came upon me all unawares. I said “hi” but the ball wasn’t having any of it. Struck me in the ankle, it did, then reached up and punched me in the gonads. I retaliated by swinging a pin at it, which only served to escalate the situation. The manager tried to restrain me. A waitress put a garbage bag over the miscreant ball. We were both hauled away to the police station and spent the night in adjacent cells, growling at each other. I’ve seen that ball a few times since, hanging around town. He looks pretty rough. I wonder what he thinks when he sees me. Either way, I declare death to bowling and all things bowling-related!

              1. Whew, I don’t blame you for your reaction. But it ain’t good for you man. You’ve got to set aside your bitterness and heal. Not for the bowling ball’s sake. Fuck that asshole. But for your own sake. Get help.

              2. Okay, okay. Just try playing marbles with some kids down the street. But be sure to wear protective gear. Something tells me that hard, round orbs have it in for you.

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