Born in the USA – Revisited


Voted for the savior when I turned a man

He kicked my ass and killed my plans

Ended up a slave that’s been beat too much

But I stay with that guy even when he’s covering up

Born in the USA

Born in the USA

Born in the USA


Saw a nation dying hard, so they put a drone in my hand

Sent it off to that foreign land, to go and get their oil, man

I was born in the USA

Born in the USA

Born in the USA


Come back home to three shit jobs

Pay my taxes but my money’s robbed

Went to see my senator man

He said “son, we rich people need you to understand”


Got a disease but nothing to be done

The virus got my mom and she’s all gone

The rich get richer and I get more lean

It’s like the rest of us are never seen


Shadow of the penitentiary

Coal dust settling on us fucking sheep

I’m years now believing in that man

Don’t know why or how it began


Born in the USA

I was born in the USA

Born in the USA

Born in the USA

Born in the USA

I was born in the USA

Born in the USA

Bruce, we need you! Where are your anthems about our lives? Where’s your anger and the spirit that made you write the original song back in the 80’s? Give us that again. We need it.

UPDATE: If anyone has any musical talent (I don’t), I will pay someone to do an acoustic version of this song that I can upload. Speak up people!

Dream hard, rage hard.

29 thoughts on “Born in the USA – Revisited

  1. These lyrics seem about right. We must love being screwed by sweet-talkers like our president, since we’ve been putting up with it from the day we were born.

    1. I was kind of proud of myself for this little adaptation, all poetic and the like… politicians screw us no matter what and where, but this current leader is the worst in our lifetimes in the western world.

    1. Can you sing??? I just can’t. Or play an acoustic guitar. Or really do much of anything. I figure someone on here must be able to sing. I’m not going to make them rich or anything but hey, I’ll pay.

      1. I wish you could hear the laughter here about you asking if I could sing. I have this “adorable” habit of making up songs and singing them as off key as possible. There is also one really old song I have sung to every kid in our family over the years and when someone walks in on me sharing the first words out of their mouth are, “Oh, no! Not the song”.

  2. No musical talent, unless you count the whistling that comes out of my nose.

    Well done, sir … we definitely need a new anthem for the 2020s. Something needs to change.

    1. Nose whistling? That’s better than I got.

      Something does need to change. This just isn’t a joke anymore, or politics. It’s about human decency and who we want to be.

          1. You don’t have to expose yourself… ha! Just wipe down the microphone with disinfectant wipes… before and after. Also, don’t touch your face… or any other part of your anatomy.

  3. I think Springsteen has been socially distancing for the last few years.
    As for the song, you could try to find a karaoke version of the song and record it with your words.

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