Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 8) – Corona Edition


I have no words or advice, and thus I will shut up and say nothing.” – T. Lewin

I lie, I have something to say: without going into this global pandemic too much, I’m proud of so many of us. How often do we unite and try to do something on this scale? How often do we really think about changing our lives, which are generally so good, for the sake of everyone?

Aren’t we showing some of the best attributes of what human beings are? I know there are blips and exceptions, and those get the headlines, but in general we’re pretty good. I know people are suffering and some are dying, and that’s so awful. But in the face of that, here we are, not going to restaurants or bars or movie theatres. Here we are, distancing ourselves from other people, and changing our largely-comfortable lives. It’s hard, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon. I think this is going to be a long long haul. It’s a total surrealistic nightmare. But so many people are just dealing with it. So many people inherently get it. They’re doing all the right things, trying so hard.

And so I’m proud of us. I’d be more proud if we took care of those who can’t afford this, that don’t have the resources to take care of their families. But I think we’ll do that. Because we’re all in the same boat, on this little spinn-y blue ball.

This is a good time to believe in who we can be. This is a great time to be great. One people occupying this planet, that have a shared goal at the end of the day: to survive, to do okay, to rise above, to help each other, to forget about religion, borders, colour, ethnicity, all that stuff we have spent so long using to construct walls and barriers. This seems like a good time to remember that we have far more in common than we do things that separate us. And I think we’re going to do that. I think we are doing that, no matter how hard. Let’s keep it going. Let’s be great.


Dream hard, rage hard.

13 thoughts on “Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 8) – Corona Edition

  1. I suppose. But you and I may not be in agreement here. The lockdowns are not much sacrifice to me, as I don’t get out much anyway. But when I consider the millions of people who are losing their livelihoods due to these lockdowns, it seems like one hell of a large sacrifice for each of them to swallow. I wonder what net good we’re actually doing, and I wonder if the cure is worse than the disease.

    1. Yes, we could just do nothing and let the health care system become overwhelmed and crash the economy in that way. Either way, this is going to hurt. I think the question is whether we do something proactively or just do very little.

        1. Global. Pandemic. Homeschooling. Restricted movements. Adjusting to work from home. Priorities. Plus my writing comes first. I’m not doing otherwise anymore (I put myself second too much).

  2. I suspect many of us are not going out to the restaurants and other public places for the fear that others might steal our toilet paper while we’re out.

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