CBC Short Story Prize Longlist!

download (3)

Hi all, really privileged to have made the short story prize longlist for the CBC contest. Just released today: 32 people have been shortlisted out of about 2,400 submissions. This is actually the second year straight I’ve been longlisted in this contest!

If you’re up for it, have a look here and you can see the first few lines of the story (they don’t reveal the whole story):


Keep fingers crossed, it would be wonderful to make the shortlist!

17 thoughts on “CBC Short Story Prize Longlist!

    • Older version of a story, yes. I repainted it and sent it into the world. it would be lovely to make the short list, I think it’s a good story. Thank you, my friend.

    fur realz.
    Congratulations. You are seriously one of the most creative voices I have come across so I can’t imagine them NOT shortlisting you.
    Best wishes!

    • Thanks dude… it’s all up to the judges! I think the story is really good, and it made me really have a visceral reaction. Hope everyone gets to have a look at it on the shortlist!

    • Thanks X. Yah I did, that was a few years ago. That feels like a totally different writer. Don’t even remember the guy. I think he was a bit of a chump, but boy was he happy to be on that shortlist. It made a world of difference. But if I managed that again, now, it would be something else. We’ll see.

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