Journey’s End


Some of you will know exactly what I mean by this, but when you set out to write and push an idea, you have no idea what you’re really doing. You just put words on a page and stuff comes out. The first draft is so trash. The second draft is make or break, either you have something or you don’t. You better be convinced yourself that a story’s sitting there, if you’re going to convince anyone else. The third draft, you spill blood over bits and pieces of writing that you really liked, but you know you can’t keep. The fourth draft is chiselling, bringing out what you meant to say in detail. And the fifth draft? I have no idea.

I just finished the fourth draft of my novel this morning. I don’t even know why I’m talking about this – writing is personal to me. It’s simply an act that’s mine. Why would I ever bother anyone else with it? Well, because I want this book to be read. It’s good. It’s unique. It just is. I’ve not felt this about anything I’ve ever written. I think I might have nailed it… what a strange feeling. A strange, awesome feeling. Could be I’m wrong and it’s garbage. But I don’t think so.

The book is called Girl Island. I’ll let your fancies float from the title.

Be well, everyone.

Dream hard, rage hard.

14 thoughts on “Journey’s End

  1. It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? When I was writing The Irrepairable Past, I really struggled with it, but now I feel like I nailed it. Whether or not other people feel the same (if I hear “it’s too depressing” one more time) doesn’t replace your feeling about what you accomplished.


    1. Thanks Mark. Yes it’s quite a feeling. I know you know that feeling. It’s amazingly rewarding of an experience, brutal at times as you’re finding your way through. It’s such an unnecessary slog, and it’s hard to describe how difficult it is to people who haven’t gone through the experience. But I know you get it and I thank you for the words.

      I have to figure out a way to buy The Irrepairable Past. It’s time to read what you put out.

  2. Girl Island? Is it illustrated? Does it involve a shipwrecked man?
    Sounds like you’ve been through a few measures of agony, writing this manuscript. Good luck with it. I hope it’s a splashing success.

      1. You mean there’s no secret hospital where muted hermaphrodites perform experimental surgery on wayward sailors whose ships accidentally run aground on their island’s shore, only to have their male reproductive fluid removed and injected in the only female left among the group to repopulate their colony?
        That’s a shame. *sniff* -Michael

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