Month: May 2020


            “Well, boy, it’s been great so far. Seventeen years, I seen all your life. You been in trouble most of it, but I still hate to leave you.” The old man put on his harness and leaned back in his seat. “I hate to leave because I owe your mother, dead as she be, […]


A Day in the Life of Know-It-All Super-Authority Trent “I’m Awesome and Everyone Else Sucks” Lewin

            Wake up. There’s dishes in the sink, an unused car in the driveway. Flip to the internet, and there it is, finally, the real truth about lockdowns, the thing they will never tell you: lockdowns decrease the size of your penis.             I run to the bathroom and have a look down there. “Seems […]

Shortest Post Ever!

I want this girl’s hair! No stories this week! Just wanted to say that I’m pushing on edits of my book, thanks to a couple of wonderful blog buddies that I called out in my last post ( – they helped with tremendous suggestions and edits. Hope to illustrate the publishing journey through the blog, […]

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