Shortest Post Ever!

woman sitting on window reading book

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I want this girl’s hair!

No stories this week! Just wanted to say that I’m pushing on edits of my book, thanks to a couple of wonderful blog buddies that I called out in my last post ( – they helped with tremendous suggestions and edits. Hope to illustrate the publishing journey through the blog, however this ends up – I think publishing is a hard trek but if you have a good story to tell, and are willing to work, well that’s something. I know it’s hard. Probably lowest probability option to think that you can publish through traditional routes, but you don’t know until you try. And I’m going to try. At some point, I’ll issue a summary of the book.

All of you, be well.

Oh yes, as Tippy identified, I have a new gravatar, just thought it was time for a change:


12 thoughts on “Shortest Post Ever!

  1. I had that girl’s hair and hated it.

    I look forward to reading about your publishing journey. May you find success the traditional way. You deserve an audience.

  2. I love those big ‘fros! Course, probably coz I don’t have one 😉
    Sending you the best for the publishing thing… I hear it’s a bitch.

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