My Book Pitch

“Girl falls off cruise ship and starts new island country.”

That’s the short version, I gave myself 10 words. Question: would you read this book? Why or why not?

Dream hard, rage hard.

19 thoughts on “My Book Pitch

  1. Just 10 words and I’m sold. And not just because you are pitching it. We both know I’m not one to mince words.
    It’s a unique concept, interesting and has a million possibilities.
    I would read the shit out of this book, Trent.

  2. I’m afraid I would not, based on just those ten words. Because the second five do not follow from the first, in my mind. I’d be more enticed if she had jumped off, or was thrown overboard. But that’s just me, and either way, when I see that Trent Lewin wrote it, I will definitely want to read it.

    1. I hear you. I guess the question is why would she fall off and why would she start a new country. Ten words… not a lot to prepare an expression of intent. Maybe I’ll expose my query letter next week. Thanks as always, Walt! I’m glad you’re still around.

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