Wish Me Well: Vacation Writing

waterfalls under blue sky
waterfalls under blue sky
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Time Out

It’s vacation time. Vacation writing time, possibly. This basically means I’m going to go from spending lots of time in one place to… lots of time in another. A few more days of work before I can make it happen, but it’s going to be a wild ride till I’m done. This will be a vacation unlike any other, of course. But it will still be a vacation.

Vacation Writing

I always think that when I’m off, I’ll get plenty of time for writing, but that’s not reality. I have a family. We’ll be together. And there’s so much to do with them. Writing time is the early morning, 5 am start, go till seven thirty or so. Then get on with the day.


I have a new novel I’m planning out. I’m using Scrivener to do that (a good friend here suggested it to me, and it works like a charm). It’s an epic and it’s a big story, and while I’m not the best planner in the world, this one requires organization.

I also have several short stories I have to write. Sixteen total. Each will be less than three thousand words. Each has its own style and bite. These are stories that have been percolating in my head for a while, so it’s time to finally let them out.

Work Completed

Stories I’ve written in the last three weeks (longer ones… six thousand words or so):

-the forgotten hippy girl in the failed interracial marriage that is secretly a chess champion

-the gay submarine captain who descends to the bottom of the sea floor, only to meet an enemy far worse than people

-the story of a song that had an unplanned pause for more than a thousand years as it circulated through ancient Persia into modern Iran

-the disabled girl in a small Icelandic village who befriends a homeless Canadian to take her up the local mountain

the little robot who wishes he could fly. Okay, this one’s much shorter.

Hopes and Dreams

These are dangerous, especially when you make them clear and open yourself up to being vulnerable. I’m going to publish my writing, in particular my latest (and best) novel. I’m going to work as hard as necessary to do so, and likely more. Along the way, I’m going to encourage as many fellow writers as possible. It’s the same encouragement I’ve received over time from many great people. You all know who you are, and I love you.

I’ll be a bit sparse in these climes for a couple of weeks, but hope to be popping by to see all of you. In the meantime, be great.

Dream hard, rage hard.

16 thoughts on “Wish Me Well: Vacation Writing

  1. I love hearing how productive you are these days and that you have so much coming up in the near future as well. Keep going. Keep riding the tiger.

  2. Way to go, Trent! Putting it out there into the Universe – talk about making things real.
    And I love how you acknowledge that the time you think you’ll spend writing will be interrupted by family time. (Which is a good thing – because before long those little kids are adults and the magic is gone. Not that there aren’t moments when they have reached maturity but it’s not the same, for sure.)
    Enjoy your vacation… I’ll be here catching up on the stuff you’ve already put out there that is still in my inbox 😉

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