Morning Sky

I have nothing useful to say or present, and it will be a while before I post fiction on here. Taking a break to write! Weird as that sounds.

But I do have a morning sky shot to post. Air is still. Heat is coming. A sunflower just dropped a seed on my foot. A squirrel is watching me. I love coffee.

I’m still plugging away on getting representation for Girl Island. It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

Have been active on Twitter lately. It’s amazing how many people are out there trying to sell their books. It’s like there’s millions of authors in the cosmos. I’m just one of them. Just one amongst a whole number of others. How am I any different, or more worthy of attention than others? I’m not. And yet, that’s not right either.

Morning sky is brightening now. So funny how days begin, and what you end up thinking on. So different than how days end.

Be well, everyone. Love you all.

Dream hard, rage hard.

10 thoughts on “Morning Sky

  1. Enjoy your time away, Trent. As for this post … you are most definitely different from the vast majority of writers. It’s a very good thing for us who read your work.

  2. What a wonderful way to say you’re off on vacation with your family.
    Looking forward to what you concoct and wish you a fun-filled time with the family

  3. The sky has been fascinating lately. It has shown things I have never seen before. I have found myself lost in clouds trying to figure out how they are what they are. I take pictures that don’t do them justice. I have researched some of the more unusual things I have seen. Not of it stays in my brain, yet I can’t stop searching those skies.

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