Be Still

Be Still

There’s a consequential election coming in the United States, between divergent sides of what seems to be a moral divide. There’s a pandemic nipping at our butts. And I believe in climate change, but that’s funny, because I don’t believe in air travel or microwaves or water treatment – they just are. So it’s not about belief. There are things you believe and those that simply are.

There’s so much negativity in this world, but I refuse to believe we’re a lost cause. I refuse to believe that our children won’t save us. We’ve made mistakes. We keep making mistakes. We give in to our impulses, money and fame and other things with short names and large appeal. But we’ll be saved by our kids, I figure. I was saved by my wife, who cares nothing for money or fame or little things like that. So I don’t despair. I just write.

Music and Theme

My playlist of music this morning (because I’m sure you were desperate to know – but if I can assist in pushing out great music, that makes me happy):

Unearth Me – Oklou

I Know the End – Phoebe Bridgers

Buzz – Maddie Medley

Is There Something in the Movies – Samia

All Dressed in White – King Princess

The Ever Turning Wheel – The Soft Cavalry

“We’re in a tin box and I’ve got a toothpick
And i have been poking the air
Somebody gave you a knife for your birthday
I think I know who but that’s not my affair” – Samia

Have you ever written a story that made you feel like you’re composing a song?

Just Like Real Life

In the photo above, I’m in the reflection. You just have to look really hard. Be still. It’s my writing space. I have three stories to write today. In each, reality bends. In one, it breaks. Just like in real life. Like us. But I don’t despair. I just write.

Dream hard, rage hard.

24 thoughts on “Be Still

    1. I really like that term and believe it is possible. I will be using it and not giving you credit for it but at least I can
      then be called an honest pessimistic pessimist.
      Anything is possible. We decide.

  1. I just can’t spend one more minute looking for you in that reflection so I’m just going to trust that you simply are.
    A day off with the imagination of Trent Lewin to look forward to. Things may be awful out there but in here they are lovely.

  2. Your writing space is lovely. It seems to have the right energy for writing. I never thought about it before but maybe that is my block. My space has changed. I am writing closed in by for blank walls with a small opening for getting in and out. Up until now my space always had a view and was quite open and comfortable.
    That being said, you have introduced me to some tunes I have never heard and I have enjoyed some of them. So even when I am blocked you help me grow. Thank you.

    1. I only have the one suggestion there, Michelle. Even when I’m in a small space, like an airplane (back in the day), I would slap on some headphones and put on some familiar playlists. Low volume. Never wanted the music too prominent, just enough to transport me, no matter where my bum sat. I always want to be able to write anywhere. That’s not always true or real, but it’s what I strive for. The music makes the place less important for me.

          1. Ha. Yes I am. Few hours of peace. My reading time and connecting with my spirit people:) Glad you a well and you’re writing is exploding. I like that very much

  3. I can see you. Sort of. But all I can tell is that you have a head. And maybe a face. Or you have something that looks like a head. And maybe you also have something that might look like a face. But I can’t really be sure. I mean. You’re Trent Lewin. The Enigma.

    We are lucky men and I want really really badly to share your optimism and I’m pretty sure that if anybody can save us it’s our kids cuz we sure know how to fuck up a wet dream and they sure seem to have their heads screwed on better that I ever did. “Thanks, Post-Boomer.”

    Thanks (for real) for the playlist.
    And (for really really real) the inspiration.

    1. I’m not sure I have a face these days either… I think we are lucky, more lucky than we can imagine. In history, we are lottery winners. Big winners. We can do so much with that. I hope we do.

      No problem on the playlist.

  4. You HAVE two write three stories? You are on vacation, no? I tease, of course. That space is fantabulous. Hell, I’m inspired to write. And you are indeed very lucky that you were saved and I like to think that yes, our children will save us.
    How can I not know a damn artist on that playlist? Well, except for Phoebe Bridgers, but that’s because you already introduced her to me…

    1. Well, yeah I’m compelled to write. Stories are already laid out and just kicking at me, so I have to get them out or I’ll pop.

      I’ve been on Spotify, Indie playlists of late, there’s some gold there that I’ve never heard of.

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