3:30 AM

This is a sunset. This is Mars.

I would like to start by saying that I am not drunk. I actually went to sleep, and woke up at 2 am. Now it’s 3:30 AM. Nothing is bugging me. Nothing is stressing me. I have a great life. Great family, a job that is demanding but also important. Great friends. I have money, a nice house. And I find time to write.

So there’s no reason for this. I made some coffee. Listening to music on my headphones so as not to disturb the family.

I think you have to feel grateful and show it at times. We spend so much time thinking about the things that ail us. The worries, and the mishaps, the things that bring us down. But we live. We have an opportunity at life, just one life I think, and that’s something. I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for all of you with whom I interact, none of whom I’ve ever met in person – but one day, I think I will.

Somehow, atoms smashed together and made us. It feels improbable, that a bunch of things that used to make up stars have crunched together to form me, here, awake at three am, writing to all of you. While drinking coffee. And listening to music – the greatest thing we as humans have ever invented. I find this remarkable. To me, this is something to be grateful for (even though I’m going to pay for the early start later in the day).

So I have no writing to publish today or tomorrow, I’m still busy editing a number of short stories. I have to get back to querying for my novel, Girl Island. It all keeps going, my friends. We keep going.

Wishing you the best today.

Dream hard, rage hard.

14 thoughts on “3:30 AM

  1. Backatcha, Trent. In this world of sht lately, it’s important to take stock of the good we have and be grateful. Beautiful picture and potent words and thoughts. Glad our worlds collided in WordPress Blogland.

  2. We are all stardust…drinking coffee and listening to music. Love this. Music is like magic. Sound connects us all. (Sorry, I think I need to wake up more now as I’m rambling…)

  3. I for one, am grateful that “a bunch of things that used to make up stars have crunched together to form”. You make a difference. People’s lives are touched by what you do and what you write. Thank you for that.

  4. There are a number of times I could be doing exactly what you did when you wrote this. I always flop around in bed fretting that I need more sleep. I probably should just give in, get up and do something else before trying once again to get some zzz’s.
    Lovely reflection and gratitude is always a good thing.

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