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photo of golden cogwheel on black background
photo of golden cogwheel on black background
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I do have work in progress. I feel like I have a lot. Today, I edited seven short stories down to some reasonable length. They are about:

  • a couple that has lost three babies
  • the corpse flower that blooms every twelve years
  • a poor kid who decides to stream the revolution
  • a brand new creation myth
  • a guy who gradually ceases to exist
  • an unrequited love amongst the bees
  • a hero who never died even though we think he did

I’m good with these stories. They’re tight, they’re strange, they have something to say. I’ll be done with them next week. Then I’m going to keep querying for Girl Island. I think I’ll publish my draft query letter here and see what people think.

There was one other story, actually. But it’s crashed and burned a bit. Figure I know how to fix it. Figure I don’t have time right now.

For now, I have to get off the computer. My eyeballs are frying in place! Good weekend to you all.

Hey, look at me with my short posts! Don’t get used to it…

Dream hard, rage hard.

5 thoughts on “My Work in Progress

  1. Those sound real interesting. I look forward to reading them – especially the one about the guy who gradually disappears, I’m curious as to how you write that one as I had started a similar one about time.

    1. Why thank you! The one about the guy who gradually disappears is told from the viewpoint of a journalist who is doing a story about him, because he occasionally runs into people that don’t see or hear him at all. Eventually, that spreads to family members not being able to recall him. And then the journalist herself.

  2. I love titles
    I make them up all the time
    I love your titles – so good as to be indicative of the quality of story to come

    I love book covers too and OFTEN judge a book by it

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