Short Story Names

I took this myself! The Niagara escarpment.

Here’s my list of short story names for recent pieces I’ve written. I’m not the best at names, but here you go:

  • Titan Arum
  • The Hum
  • Revolution Road
  • On Birthdays
  • Lyla
  • Khewa
  • Creation Myth V2.0

There we have it. General descriptions of each are in my last post. I’m doing final polishing today, in and amidst work. Yes, working on a Saturday. Fun times.

I’m heavily hopped up on coffee at the moment, to keep me awake. I don’t know what I’d do without coffee.

One thing I refuse to write about is COVID. It affects our lives in most every way. It’s a reality of the world. I suspect we’ll see lots of stories and novels about pandemics and the like. We’ll see fiction set in the time of COVID. I suppose I could write something in that space. Maybe I should. But I’m looking beyond this thing. To something else – just not sure what.

On Twitter, someone asked about inspirations for writing. I said mine were: ‘alcohol, caffeine, and sex’. I still can’t think of a better answer!

When you’re in a big, empty office building, you tend to wander. I remember when there were people here, many of them. I’m not sure we’re ever going back to that. There’s got to be a story in that somewhere! Right?

I keep staring at the photo attached to this post, like it’s a hole looking out on another world. A rift to a different place. All you have to do to get there is step through the hole. And jump. And make sure you can fly. We can fly. It’s true. We can.

Okay, one more stab at the short story names. Just one more. Promise.

Dream hard, rage hard.

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