Tomorrow I’ll Try

I have almost nothing to share that’s the equal of this song anyway. It fills me up. This morning, I woke up feeling like I was going to explode with words. But regular life interrupts and here I am. Heartbroken. Committed. Burning. It’s okay to burn.

Dream hard, rage hard.

9 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’ll Try

    1. I wondered if I’d made any strides in 2020, and then reread a bunch of my writing, and told myself to get over myself. It’s a journey, is all. Not a slug of scotch.

  1. I mostly wake up feeling like I am going to explode with words or rage or fear or love mostly love but more the ineffable unsatisfying magnificent love that leaves me also heartbroken and burning.

    I think I would dissolve, if I could do it without pain because I am not fearless 🙂 but then I remember to write something or breathe or make magic and once the magic starts to swarm and swirl it overwhelms me in a better kind of way

    1. It’s the burning of the love that gets me. You feel the magic, Poet, I figure you for that. It’s some undefinable part of life that touches you at times, and then it becomes words, and then those words become you. This is life, and I love it. And I love your words!

      1. I love your words

        It’s the burning.. it takes my breath away and then I must be off , on a little quest to find it again

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