Month: February 2021

51,000 Words

I’ve been thinking about the art of writing, where I fit for genre, and what’s next. New Stories No new story this week. It’ll be a while before I post a new one, which doesn’t mean I’m not writing. I am. This week, I got feedback that I couldn’t enter a contest because I don’t […]

Of Mountains and Matadors

            Ezra met Sonny at a shit factory. It was the type of place that took shit from sewage plants and mixed it with chemicals and steam, to make a fertilizer. To make shit bio-available to crops, a recycling of human waste to grow food that people would ingest… and turn into more shit. Ezra worked […]

Ten Misconceptions about Successful Writers

Here are ten ideas we might have about writers, including the really successful ones, that are probably just not true. Misconceptions about writers are very possible! They write what they know.  That’s right, because J.R.R. Tolkien knew a lot of hobbits, and George Lucas encountered many a light sword in his extensive travels upon plant […]

The Raised Eyebrow: Ending

Pt. I is here Pt. II is here             “To the last bolt!” says Paul.             “The last bolt!” says Chandra.             With that, Paul turns the ratchet as Chandra holds the nut in place. The bolt comes out and the final shelf collapses to the ground. They stack it with the rest.              “This is honest work,” she […]

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