Author Interview with Me!

lake and mountain
lake and mountain
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I’ve been very busy at work lately, and accumulating thoughts for my traditional March writing surge!

Hoping to relay some great writing news in the next little while – forthcoming!

In the meantime, my friend Taryn Ambrose did the following author interview with me. I think it’s somewhat insightful, but more importantly, very funny. Enjoy!

Trent Lewin Interview

Dream hard, rage hard.

17 thoughts on “Author Interview with Me!

  1. One question NB…how can one’s 3-kid life be boring??? You’re doing it wrong 😉 Either that, or you’re wife is a saint!
    Loved the interview.

  2. I’ve learned so many things about you reading that interview. Things I didn’t know I needed to know.
    Like the electrocution incident & Arrested Development.
    And Orange. And blue with a u.
    So now I like you even more than I imagined possible.

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