Andor: A Quick Review

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How quickly and succinctly can I write a review?

Andor is a twelve-episode series on Disney+. I held off watching this one, because I have high expectations for anything Star Wars-related. And I was worried.

Cultural milestones hit harder when you’re a kid. You stare at a screen and see a massive spaceship chasing a smaller one, and later you get a light sword. You grow up. But you never grow out of it. Star Wars is one of those things that just sticks – it’s almost fifty years old, and still going. Who amongst the creative community wants their story to stick in this way? To last? Hands up, please.

Andor is a startling show. The quality of the acting, the writing, and the execution are beyond any expectations I could have had. But the core of the show, which I think would appeal to non-Star Wars fans, transcends the craftsmanship on display here – because that core is about a rebellion against tryanny. Even if I had never watched Star Wars or known what it was all about, this show would have grabbed me by the heart and squeezed, and told me that if I do anything with my life, the one that is most important is to fight the power.

Quick word on the acting: superb. I don’t know many of these actors, but they were clearly invested in their roles, and slammed it. There are heroes, villains, and many people in-between, all occupying a gritty, unsettled universe while clearly being real human beings (well, mostly human beings). I mean, there’s a droid in this show that is better-written than most people on other shows.

This is the best Star Wars we’ve ever seen on TV, and it’s as good as the best of the movies. Absolutely riveting storytelling, and I cannot wait for the second (and final) season to come out sometime in 2024. If you haven’t seen this, it’s worth the price of Disney+ just for this show.

There, I think that was perfectly succinct. Who says I’m verbose???

Dream hard, rage hard.

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  1. Well, okay then, now I might just have to watch it. I’ve been incredibly disappointed by most of the tv spin offs, including the Mandolorian, Book of Boba Fett, and the Obi-Wan one. The first two I pulled the plug on, didn’t even bother to finish. The last one I finished, but I wasn’t happy with.

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