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photo of deep sky object
photo of deep sky object
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Look really closely in this image. You will see a planet.

A bit out there what you find yourself writing about at times, because you have no time to write anything but what’s really harping on your head. I wrote a story called “The Reach” a while ago, on the premise that time and velocity are in fact related. They’re the same thing. That’s the premise.

It’s a far-reaching story, a thousand years in five thousand words. It travels. Oscillates between reality and fancy, around centuries worth of dreams as a lone human being travels to a distant world. There are butterflies floating along a straight line in the vacuum. A new vocabulary, as people officiate redefinitions of words we know, because their familiar forms are tired. Weary. Tourists on galactic balconies shooting confetti into space. And the beaches of Costa Rica, the west side where the Pacific Ocean feels like a hot tub, and a woman jumps with the waves, a beer in hand, only a little afraid of bull sharks. And finally, light years away, a world appears to a traveler that has spent much more time in dreams than in life.

I don’t claim to know why I write what I write. My stories are not personal. They’re not about me or my lived experience directly. Maybe indirectly, sure. But I’m none of the things in this story, and yet I am all the things in this story. A miserly storyteller that’s time-poor doesn’t choose his assignments or aspirations; the minute-hand picks them for me.

I hope you read this story one day, as I think it’s pretty decent. Far from perfect. But it’s big, and it’s slightly cinematic, and it’s really about loneliness and friendship, and how the two can coexist so easily.

In any case, it’s strange to be featured in a literary magazine like this. I’m not good at receiving attention. I prefer to give attention to others. But in this case, I’ll just say that I’m grateful to Boulevard Literary Magazine for the opportunity to submit to their 2022 Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers. I find it so hard to believe that I would have won something like this, and I cannot quite describe the feeling of opening an email telling me that I did. I’m just a meagre storyteller trying to make my way through all these worlds.

Here’s the announcement:

I hope you read the thing.

Dream hard, rage hard.

14 thoughts on “Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers: Boulevard Literary Magazine

  1. Congrats Trent. Looks like the thing will be avail in Fall of 2023? Will read if I’m still around. Hope you and your family are healthy.

      1. I’m OK. I know several people who have gone unexpectedly. It reinforces that we don’t know what tomorrow brings. I still look forward to reading in fall of 2023.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed the randomness of what and how you write. It’s a thing I can’t do. I mentioned on Twitter that I told you a few years ago that I was trying to write a Trent Lewin type of story. I got bogged down and didn’t finish it. And I think the randomness is why — I want to keep with the randomness and I’ve lost track of that. This post is a good reminder that I need to get back to that. I have some new information that I think will help me bring the story to an end. Just gotta hold on to the randomness.

  3. As the comment above alluded to, it’s a bit funny to see you described as “emerging.” But still very cool and exciting. Congratulations! I see it won’t be available to read until later, so please remind us when it’s out.

    1. I know, a bit funny! I’m far from emerging, that makes me sound like a young’un! Always great to hear you, Walt, will ping everyone when this thing is published. It’s extremely far out there, that’s for sure.

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