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Shocking Proof that Trent Lewin is a Robot

You won’t believe me, but I’m not real. Not a real human being. I’m a robot. An automaton. Trent Lewin is an anagram (try it, and you will see), and that name was always a hint that something was different about who I am – that in fact, I am no one. I never was. […]

Season of the Trent

                  Wake up. There’s a noise my body’s making, not exactly the harbinger of doom; still, I have to wonder about the uncontrolled emissions as I, Trent Lewin, become a potent source of greenhouse gas – but I figure as I crawl downstairs and make coffee that the planet’s got it coming. Saucy bitch, […]

Anywhere is Better than Here: A True Tale of Domestic Terror

                You may or may not believe it, but this is a true story.                 On July 24, 2015, R_____ and J_____, family name withheld, were loitering in the dusty parking lot behind a townhouse complex when they saw a heap of recyclables perched against a back entrance. Their original inclination was to push the […]

Did You Know that You Cannot Lick Your Elbow?

Too much fiction can make a person overly serious. I often like to substitute clanking prose on the keyboard with shopping on-line… somewhere in that statement is an important commentary on humans as a whole. I’m sure everyone has heard of the mega on-line site Alibaba ( It is a Chinese-hosted site from which you […]

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