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9 Reasons Why Wordle is Like Sex

It’s Fun Wordle is fun. Sex is fun. ‘nuff said. You Feel Compelled to Do It Every Day… …but this doesn’t mean that you have to. You want to have a go every single day, and there’s clearly opportunity for a fresh attempt, but there is only so much time, and you only have so […]

Canada Versus the United States: Socialism Versus Capitalism

Canada is a socialist country We’re not perfect. We aren’t. There’s lots to complain about up here. Many things we’ve done wrong and continue to do wrong (just look at how we treat our Aboriginal population). But we get a lot of things right. Here’s a comparison between some outcomes in Canada versus the United […]

How to Tell Someone You Hate Their Writing

Have you ever left a comment on someone’s blog saying “I love this!” or “This really moved me!” or “I wish I had written that!” or “Lovely post!” or “Big hugs and lots of love!” or “Just…wow!” without actually having read the post? Or worse – said those things while really not liking the post […]

Riley is Boss

            Riley looked up the flight of stairs and said, “I can climb those.”             But her mom said, “Riley, no, you could fall! You’re too young!”             But up Riley climbed, until she got to the top. Then she looked down and said, “I can climb back down.”             And down she went.             […]

Did You Know that You Cannot Lick Your Elbow?

Too much fiction can make a person overly serious. I often like to substitute clanking prose on the keyboard with shopping on-line… somewhere in that statement is an important commentary on humans as a whole. I’m sure everyone has heard of the mega on-line site Alibaba ( It is a Chinese-hosted site from which you […]

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