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Bike Story Hone

It’s like biking, this thing. I’m not really good at it. I don’t have the stamina or the technique or the body-strength to do it well. But I put the bike on the road the other day, and I went. It’s agony after a while. The hills in my part of the country are an […]

The ChatGPT Version of Trent Lewin: A Case Study

Well, I had to try. What’s the ChatGPT version of Trent Lewin? Would it tell me something about myself, especially if it’s lifting content from my online presence? What style would an AI ascribe to a writer of very little renown, and what would I learn from this experience? I tried three times. And I’m […]

Forgotten Songs of the 80’s, Part II

Five more forgotten songs of the 80’s. Maybe you heard these on the radio, but they probably faded in the background, and were not oft-repeated. But that doesn’t mean they’re not deserving of a second look, because they absolutely are. In a decade that produced so much great music, I would suggest that the best […]

The Power in Our Hands

Know what a factorial is? It’s a mathematical function often used in statistical representations, denoted by a ‘!’. That’s right, an exclamation mark. You writers out there, next time you end a statement or sentence with an exclamation mark, well, think on its other meaning. The way it works is that you take a number […]

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