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A Week in the Life of Emerging Superstar Writer Chung-Cha, aka Trent Lewin

       Wake up. No cars on the roads. No paper to wipe my ass.        I drink coffee. Drink some more. Pour it down my throat until it scalds my insides and is coming out the other end in a continuous stream. I wonder why I can’t just recirculate this fluid, […]


Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 7)

“The smallest germ can fell the largest elephant, but the smallest elephant is still better than a cat.” – T. Lewin ____________________________________________________________________________ I have some writing news to deliver in early April. For the record, the above is not a photo of me. Everyone stay safe and well.  

Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 6)

“If you ever see a politician with a firecracker in their mouth, make sure you didn’t leave anything on the stove.” – T. Lewin.   ______________________________________________________________________________ Anyway, the last story I wrote (and previous blog post), called ‘We the Divine‘ is a personal favourite of mine. I don’t really have favourites. And I hate writing […]

Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 5)

A lack of disposable income is like a leaky faucet, and neither is worth complaining about unless you’re thirsty and broke. ________________________________________________________________________________ You may not believe that the above is a short story, but it is. Just stripped of all its characters, flow, prose and setting – but otherwise, it’s right there. Thirty two syllables […]

How to Eat Crack Squirrels

This is dedicated to my friend Art. He’s been a blogging buddy for a long time and has just started his own podcast, which gives you a glimpse into the innards of his mind. It’s not a pretty place. Probably slightly narcissistic. But it’s full of art and madness, and that’s what makes it unique. […]

Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 3)

The perfect man is a hairy woman. _________________________________________________________________ So that is a theme for a story I might otherwise have written. Maybe I still will. Just, you know, insight into my writing ‘process‘. And leave it to Catastrophe Jones to remind me that I’ve already written about a hairy woman. This particular hairy woman is […]

Wisdom Bites Back (pt. 2)

  An abundance of caution is roughly the equivalent of being spanked by a helium balloon. __________________________________________ Well, attention spans are short and my stories are too long and confusing, so why not distill the essential message of a short story into one sentence and simply avoid all that pesky filler and amorphous meaning? This […]

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