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Wisdom Bites Back

The shortest line between points A and B is the recognition that there’s more to the alphabet than two letters. ____________________________________________ With all respect to Johnny Crabcakes (

A Moment in the Life of Blogging-Star-Turned-President Trent P. Lewin

            The knock on the door is loud. It’s a man in sunglasses.             “President Lewin,” he says. “Should I get your pants?”             “Pants?” I ask him. “What do I need pants for?” And indeed, it’s nine-thirty in the morning. Nine fucking thirty. “Pants do not come on until eleven. They do not come […]


((I was asked about this story by a few people, reread it, and felt – as usual – that I didn’t even remember writing it! But here it is again, a strange story about a man and a woman, and a baby)) —————————————————————————————————————————————–             Anne wasn’t hit by a bus. She was standing still, staring […]

This Isn’t About the Death of a Kid

No, it’s about something much more important. This cartoon was run in the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine that was targeted by terrorists in January of this year: That’s right, it’s a drawing of Alan Kurdi drowned in the waves as he and his family attempted to flee the most dangerous country […]

The Delicate Art of Self-Seduction: Born in the Bowels of the Most Commented WordPress Blog Post Ever

As some of you may have heard, Art from Pouring My Art Out is out to break the record for comments on a single blog post:  He will respond to any and every comment you make there, sans fail.  He will have the last word on everything, I promise. I’ve been over there a […]

Doc Lewin’s 20 Rules for Corporate Dominance: The Rules for Bosses

The Rules for Bosses 1. Tidings of Joy Never ask for anything from a subordinate until the last minute.  Be sure to make most of your requests are at the end of the day, or, even better, last thing on a Friday.  Be sure to use the word “subordinate” a few times during the conversation, […]

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