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How to Eat Crack Squirrels

This is dedicated to my friend Art. He’s been a blogging buddy for a long time and has just started his own podcast, which gives you a glimpse into the innards of his mind. It’s not a pretty place. Probably slightly narcissistic. But it’s full of art and madness, and that’s what makes it unique. […]

A Day in the Life of Bestselling Author Trent Lewin (aka Let Us Pray)

Wake up. There’s a dirty diaper pressed against my nostril.  I inhale. The coffee’s full of snails.  I drink. For a brief glimmering moment, the computer tells me that Le Clown has posted something new.  Scratch head.  Must think of a clever comment to impress him.  End up writing “yeah fuck yeah!”  Clown does not […]

A Foolish Wish of Improbable Proportions: How I Stopped Worrying About Space Debris

constables squeeze crude irradiated by bessie’s beard on paul’s right side giant worms steal silver forks while bats attack religious manics and tom restores order on a space station headed for the spoon   <restart process and program.  enter a glowing door made of breasts.  because ellis is chaste.  and chaste is great>   liadia […]

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